Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Selects Beverage Distributors For Hemp Infused Energy Drinks Distribution in South Carolina

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has announced signing distribution pacts with two key distributors in South Carolina. As per the terms of the accord, Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage LLC will distribute HighDrate Energy CBD Waters and Hemp Energy Drinks of Kona in 16 counties of South Carolina.

Enhanced exposure to HighDrate and Kona Gold

The distribution accord with Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage LLC offers two more strategic partners to Kona. It allows Kona to offer Kona Gold as well as HighDrate in additional seventeen counties in South Carolina. Milestone will help to add the energy drinks of Kona and distribute through an existing network of more than 900 specialty outlets and convenience stores. Carolina Coastal will distribute the Kona energy products in Myrtle Beach, the biggest tourist attraction.

Kona is moving ahead into 2019 with a focus on increased revenues through the sale of CBD beverage and hemp products. To realize its goal of reaching revenue targets, the company is looking to ally with distribution partners in Iowa, California, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia. It is searching for additional partners in Carolina.

Product Line

Kona’s product portfolio consists of CBD energy waters, and hemp infused energy drinks. The company is engaged in developing products that offer wellness and health benefits. Its strategy of growth includes improving market awareness and generate sales through the distribution of popular products.

Kona realized profits of $30,000 on sales of $90,000 in December 2018 mainly through prominent online stores and had set a revenue target of $2 million in 2019. The company chalked out a plan to realize the goal through engaging c-store chains deals, adding new distribution partners, using the existing distribution channels, grocery chain deals, and product innovation. It will offer HighDrate in four popular flavors, and Kona Gold in two new flavors. Kona will introduce eighteen innovative products in the future.

Strengthens Team

Kona strengthened the team by recruiting talented members. The company appointed Michelle Motta as Account Administrator and Jazmin Gonzalez as office manager. Mrs. Gonzalez is responsible for day to day operations of the corporate office. Mrs. Michele is given the responsibility of completing the audit of 2017 and maintaining the company books.

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