Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) happens to be one of the most progressive lifestyle hemp companies around the globe. The business guru has plans underway to come up with hemp infused product line. It was today that the company spoke in relation to the expansion of its Hemp Energy Drink product line.

A close outlook

The business seeks to add new and exciting flavors to its product line in a bid to draw more customers. An official working with the company has disclosed the particular flavors. Cotton Candy and Cherry Vanilla will win over the hearts of quite a significant number of consumers. Kona Gold outlines that towards the end of November it will have achieved its set objective.

The company at the moment undertakes numerous progressive changes which it hopes will help it increase its competitive edge. It says it has succeeded at signing two new distributors. One of them is in South Carolina and the other in North Carolina.

Future plans

An official working with the company says soon they will unveil their 12 oz slim line cans. These ones serve as a perfect replacement for the company’s 8.4 oz offering. If all moves according to plan, the company hopes to make a great move in October.

It will launch the 12 oz Hemp Energy drinks and guarantees consumers they will get a taste of a wide range of flavors.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Clark opined, “After gathering key statistics and feedback from our own VP of Sales, industry experts, and large distribution houses, we are excited to be announcing the Company is developing two new amazing flavors for our Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drink line, Cherry Vanilla and Cotton Candy.”

The official insists on the great need for the company to work towards expanding its product line to comprise of numerous flavors. That will help them expand their market presence as well as help serve consumers with a wide variety of products.

The company has also disclosed its collaboration with a new distribution partner called Ringo’s wholesale. The partner will help a great deal in the distribution of the company’s products across the Southeast United States.