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Liberty Health Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:LHSIF) To Strike A Partnership Targeted At Boosting Crop Output

Liberty Health Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:LHSIF) has announced its collaboration with AdaViv Inc. The two are seeking to give a major boost to the production of cannabis. Experts have termed Liberty Health Sciences 360 Innovation Campus an ideal location that will see the company increase its output.

Turn of events

AdaViv seeks to integrate its Machine Learning platform and adaptive Computer Vision software in the production activities. The top-notch greenhouse technology will be an added advantage as the company seeks to boost its production capacity. The distinguishable attribute about AdaViv’s technology is that it facilitates effective and efficient plant-level inspection.

Liberty Health Sciences CEO George Scorsis opined, “Working together, we hope to refine AdaViv’s game changing data capture and growth analytics technology to help us achieve the highest quality, consistency and yield for our crops, as well as monitor our plants in ways that our eyes never could.”

This collaboration is a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment by Liberty to become a trusted company that understands the real essence of establishing new ways to enhance common practices. Data and technology play a central role in this entire undertaking.

Hopefully, AdaViv will play its part by providing workable knowledge that will be supported by appropriate required data. It will be about giving a major boost to the output as well as the quality and that will of course be in the form of a data driven format.

Seiferling perspective

The current CEO of AdaViv Ian Seiferling is quite pleased about the collaboration with Liberty Health Sciences, a move targeted towards the development of new AI-driven analytics for the fast rising medicinal cannabis industry.

Scorsis is one of the officials that believe in taking cultivation with the seriousness that it deserves. He is one of the major supporters of the implementation of AdaViv since that is one of the best strategies to drive output a notch higher.

Liberty Health Sciences Inc has also expressed its excitement for having become the first PAX Era brand partner. This is basically a portable cannabis oil vaporizer which is quite easy to use. The business guru is looking forward to sell the PAX Era system in Florida and this is happening at a time when business competition is on the rise.

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