Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) Business Model

Traders News Source released a comprehensive report on Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA). Earlier in February, the firm closed a non-binding LOI while executing due diligence to materialize a joint venture deal with Bougainville Ventures, Inc. for the objective of housing tenant cultivators engaging in the processing, cultivation and commercial availability of permitted marijuana in the Washington. Depending on the final deal, the company will invest as much as $1 million in this JV for 50% equity stake and profit share. While, Bougainville will contribute its skill in founding the facilities.

The update

Marijuana Company is a cannabis marketing and distribution firm involved in the distribution of medical cannabis products offering product sourcing, distribution, knowledge, branding and payment. Last year, the company released its flagship wellness offering named hempSMART Brain. It’s a cannabinoid product combined with branded ingredients, and it can supposedly improve brain health and brain function. Management intends to distribute its product via MLM program.

Marijuana Company of America model might have the firm positioned better over other cannabis firms in the industry. Maine, California, Massachusetts and Nevada voted to approve marijuana for recreational use, while Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida voted for medicinal use. This results in numerous opportunities for company to recruit new associates and sell its hempSMART product line.

Marijuana Company of America operates in Marijuana segment that has rapidly and recently turned into a massive growth market across Canada and US with numerous new states approving it. According to fresh projections, cannabis market surpassed $6.7 billion from the United States alone in 2016, and that cannabis sale is set to touch $22.8 billion in the United States by 2020. Also, aggregate recreational cannabis sales could come to a projected $40 billion to $45 billion, if cannabis is approved across the USA.

The firm’s stock has expectedly found some strength in the past. It has been driving due to the favorable impact of the firm’s recent announcements and rising popularity and demand of the industry.

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