Marijuana has once again hit the print and digital media list in Illinois. According to reports, a lawsuit has been filed against the medical marijuana licensing procedure in the state saying that the state failed to execute its decision. Illinois is not clear about the usage and cultivation of the medical marijuana. Everyone wants it to take a clear stand on the issue of pot’s cultivation and distribution.

What’s Next:

The lawsuit has forced the government authorities to come forward and speak about this issue. In this series, the administration of Gov. Bruce Rauner, stated that the matter would be sorted out very soon. The evaluation process that was started by former Gov. Pat Quinn’s office would be taken forward to cooperate with the court review of the initiative.

In a mail, officials from Rauner’s office stated that if the Quinn administration process is executed, then it would certainly expose the state to litigation. It further added that quite a few steps were taken to get rid of errors in the Quinn selection process. All of them were very effective, but couldn’t eliminate risk of litigation completely.

The statement also clarified that the department would cooperate, with the court and the review procedure. Whatever be the case, it would accept the decision and take necessary steps suggested by the court.

As per the reports, the lawsuit has been filed by PM Rx LLC of Chicago. It wants to prevent the state of Illinois’ decision to issue a final cultivation center license to one of the applicants named competitor Cresco Labs LLC. The firm wants the state to wait until the final decision of the court comes or declare the final winner of the bid and issue the cultivation license. The decision of the lawsuit is due in a few days’ time.