Marijuana On The Verge Of Getting Legally Approved In Kentucky

Marijuana has been the talk of the town for over one decade in the United States, and this quest doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. As per the reports, there are two bills, which if passed by the authorities, would make the medical and recreational marijuana legally available in Kentucky.

What Makes It Important

The ban on medical marijuana has prompted many patients to take the route to illegal market, exposing them to the bitter side of life and the risk of overdose deaths. They aren’t able to figure out, how much is too much for their bodies. The system that state authorities thought would protect the citizens has turned into a nightmare, and if not controlled as soon as possible, it will have devastating effects.

Reports claim that a number of people die in Kentucky every year because of the marijuana overdose, yet regulators choose to remain ignorant. By passing a bill to legalize marijuana, they can bring down these deaths by at least 25%, something that will change the fortunes of Kentucky forever.

According to former Congressman Mike Ward, if one takes into account the series of events that have happened in Kentucky, he can notice that republicans and democrats in this state have never agreed to legalize marijuana. It is because of their passive behavior that people are dying in here. They can advocate the passage of this bill and make the medical marijuana available to everyone so that innocent citizens don’t die anymore.

Ward’s brother used marijuana to alleviate pain in the past; however, he didn’t survive for long. In Ward’s words, he smoked marijuana in his hospital bathroom, and people gave him a weird look. It’s unfortunate that nothing has changed over the last 20 years.

While many claim that if legalized, marijuana will lead to many bigger issues than the ones Kentucky is facing now; however, Ward says that the government can get rid of them by providing having control on the entire procedure. Only time will tell whether the government approves the bill or not.

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