mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) Enters A Pact With Amare Technologies, Inc To Supply Adjustable LED Hardware And Software To Cannabis Growers

mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) has entered a pact with Amare Technologies, Inc to source adjustable LED hardware and software and supply to the growers of Cannabis through CBJ Distributing Inc, its wholly owned subsidiary.

As per the terms of the accord, CBJ will stock the commercial LED fixtures of Amare along with in-store displays. The cloud based software smartPAR of Amare will control the in-store displays. The professional sales team of CBJ will provide the domestic support for these innovative products to target the cannabis market.

Chief Executive Officer of mCig, Paul Rosen Berg said the alliance with Amare exhibits its commitment to fulfill the needs of customers by providing modern high tech LED products. Till now, the local growers of cannabis do not have options to access the adjustable LED software/ hardware in the domestic store. Now, mCig has access to the distribution network of Amare to source and sell these advanced LED products.

LED horticulture lighting solutions

Since 2014, Amare has been meeting the needs of cannabis growers by providing value added and high performance LED horticulture lighting solutions. Chief Operating Officer of mCig and Chief Executive Officer of Amare, Victor Nguyen said the company is introducing the powerful and efficient horticulture solutions – the SolarBar800 (Bar8) for the cannabis growers. The products meet the high productivity and high ppfd needs of commercial cannabis cultivation.


Bar8 features an electrical efficiency of 2.9J and 900 Watts. It comes with 24 to 60 inches optional lenses, flexible mounting options for multi-tier and single tier applications. The design philosophy includes precision and innovation.

CBJ is engaged in the distribution of cannabis supply items including child proof envelopes, jars, labels, and vapes pens to the dispensaries in Nevada. The company is expanding its presence to central and southern California.


The sales of mCig and its subsidiaries have declined marginally to $763,084 in Q1 2019 from $780,241 in Q1 2018. Its gross profits also declined marginally to $252,889 in Q1 2019 from $311,915 in Q1 2018.

In an update to the shareholders, the president informed that mCig will focus on supplying infused product makers, extractors, big multi-state operators and brands with a variety of services and products to meet the critical needs in supply chains.

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