Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) is a company that promotes hemp and cannabis products. The business guru seeks to increase awareness among the various companies in the cannabis industry. It advocates for the development of environmentally-friendly businesses around the globe. Men’s Health, an international publication reveals that it intends to promote this company’s subsidiary HempMeds®.

It seeks to give it news coverage that will help promote the wide range of products among consumers globally.

The news coverage

The Men’s Health website presents an article that delves in an elaborate explanation regarding the company’s wide range of products. It covers the various products that HempMeds® sells out and calls upon readers to consider trying them out. The article outlines that the products come a long with a wide range of benefits to the consumers.

Asides from that, the article also provides an explanation as to what cannabidiol (CBD) exactly is .It expounds on the way it interacts with the human body system. Consumers need to understand the effects of consuming the wide range of products before making their purchases.

A close outlook

Todd Morrow is the current President of HempMeds®. This official has lately been speaking a lot regarding the plans they have underway. The leader applauds the major achievements made so far calling upon the company’s employees to showcase more commitment.

Morrow opined, “We are excited to have this glowing testimonial for our CBD roll-on product, especially since we just announced our new 50-milligram version of it. We trust this coverage will help us expand our reach and introduce consumers to the many wellness benefits of our products.”

Medical Marijuana Inc also has another subsidiary called Phyto Animal Health. The business guru today disclosed that the subsidiary would soon sign a distribution agreement. The subsidiary enters this agreement with Liiv Organics. These two businesses seek to engage in the sale of a wide range of cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Ian Quinn is the CEO of Phyto Animal Health. The official applauds the business for its resolve to engage in the signing of the agreement. This leader outlines that Liiv Organics pays quite a huge deal of focus to natural health and wellness.