MPX Bioceutical Corp (OTCMKTS:MPXEF) has recently put a huge deal of focus on its GreenMart of Nevada NLV, LLC operations. MPX is the owner of almost 99% of GreenMart NV. It plans to implement its expansion strategy in the state through GreenMart NV.

Current state of affairs

The cultivation, production and kitchen facilities are fully operational at the moment. They will play a significant role helping produce a wide range of MPX-branded wholesale products. These products will find market in the medical markets in Nevada. They are specifically for adult usage.

MPX Bioceutical wants to give a major boost to its Nevada market share. That will only be possible if it manages to expand GreenMart NV’s reach to cover patients and consumers.

Focus into the future

In terms of the future plans, this company intends to get into a higher-margin retail arena. To reach that point, it will need to fulfill a number of requirements. One of them will be to obtain at least two licenses in the Las Vegas market.

It is quite happy with everything that is going on at GreenMart NV. That implies that the chances it will think about selling its 99% ownership stake in GreenMart NV are rather slim.

MPX Bioceutical makes the announcement in a bid end the confusion that has been there for quite a while. There is a company that bought a Nevada-based company bearing a name almost similar to that of GreenMart NV.A lot of people are in utter confusion since they think it was the GreenMart NV belonging to MPX.

The other move made by this company is about its entry into a purchase agreement to acquire outstanding shares of the Spartan Wellness Corporation. Spartan is an organization in Canada and it majorly focuses on helping the large number of veterans struggling with several ailments. Medical cannabis helps a lot when it comes to the psychological ailments.

The Executive Vice President of MPX Canada Michael Arnkvarn opined, “We are proud to contribute to the fight against opioid addiction, which has taken a devastating toll on veterans in Canada.”