MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported that as a direct outcome of its recently introduced Canadian Product Marketing Campaign, it started getting increased sales orders from Canada. Moreover, it intends to hire outside sales agencies that will associate with company to increase product revenue on a commission basis.

The highlights

MyDx main focus remains on market awareness and business development measures so as to assist people Trust & Verify® consumption behavior with CannaDxTM, consider another delivery Smart Devices that has the prospective to limit abuse and increase safer use, and influence the ‘MYDX 360’ service to back access to crowdsourced design data for latest market entrants, licensed growers and Canadian biopharmaceutical firms.

The second goal was to back the LGBT community with the release of its Take Pride in Your High campaign. It completed so with notable mobile super boards at Gay Pride Parade. Further market awareness initiatives were seen across Vancouver and Ontario radio stations, highway super boards and taxi cab advertisements.

Finally, MyDx intends to hire experienced outside sales firms with limited experience who have recorded success in selling technical items for top brands in mass markets. The company’s strategic goal is to extend its sales channel measures internationally beyond its existing direct to customer sales source, which has been the main source of its sales so far through and

Daniel Yazbeck, the CEO of MyDx, reported that with the help of the seasoned advertising, sales and branding agencies, they have considerably strengthened their ability and brand to expand into new sales and marketing channels. Over the imminent several months, they will mainly focus on big Canadian retailers and look partners with a robust network of licensed cultivators. Together this with their recent fiscal progress, where company recorded positive cash flow in the first quarter of this year, the focus will continue to be on capitalizing market momentum.