MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported a suite of upgrades to MyDx 1.0, which will remarkably advance current capabilities, including enhancement in the overall performance. Also, for the first time, it will enable the first of three expected imminent sensor launches in AeroDx, which will measure major air quality parameters for non-cannabis and cannabis customers, to be interchanged effortlessly with the CannaDx Sensors.

The details

MyDx sold out of its inventory in the first quarter on greater than projected demand for chemical analyzers and later ordered 1,000 pieces retrofitted with the 2.0 version upgrades. The latest units have almost 200 gears to its bill of materials and are presently undergoing final assembly/QC/QA in its manufacturing facility in California.

The pieces will be able to put up multiple sensors and develops the device to the next-gen of testing capabilities. Q1 sales together with customer deposits and back-orders outdid the same period in the preceding year and the firm looks forward to meeting increased demand for its offerings.

MyDx is the approved Handheld Chemical Analyzer to the growing cannabis market by MassRoots. Cannabis customers have no clue of what they’re consuming or buying because of the lack of execution of standardized industry practices that have diluted QC/QA in the market. This represents a grave public safety concern and it could be understood that the industry is involved in misleading and false advertising.

To simplify the existing public safety issue that occurs, consider the following instance. If plan is to replace Xanax with a specific cannabis chemical profile to remove Anxiety, then in order to approve that “prescription” a MyDx device is required to ensure getting the proper chemical mix and dosage.

If a physician prescribes Xanax dose of 0.5mg and without proper tracking and labeling, 25mg of Xanax is sold, it would be a grave public health and safety risk. And this is where the current environment in the cannabis market where having a MyDx device can offer a higher level of assurance being consumed.