MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Launches New Product Offering

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported a new service product in MyDx360, a SAAS-based community engagement base intended to assist entrepreneurs develop, introduce and track the impact of newly formulated concentrated offerings on consumers to support target markets penetration more effectively.

The details

As part of the new service, firms will select from among MyDx’s numerous chemical formulations that align with the diseases its target demographic is looking to alleviate. From that point, the company will outsource the supply of those formulations via approved concentrate manufacturing centers and offer customer-engagement support through its SAAS platform to buy and assess user feedback. Collectively, this set of services will be termed MyDx360.

Select from MyDx’s record of targeted formulas and select an intensity level from low, medium and high. Further customization prevails for premium contracts. The company will send these specifications to one of its preferred concentrate manufacturing associates. As the brand launches is released in the market, the firm will able to engage client base and gather feedback using the MyDx App. As feedback is collected, MyDx will provide offer insights that can then be utilized to fine tune product development, marketing and sales plans.

The objective of MyDx360 is three-fold, that is, bridge the association gap between consumers and firms; support real-time feedback to assist firms respond to rapidly changing market trends; and offer nuts to soup coverage of formulated-concentrates.

MyDx360 will provide its consumers different levels of support depending on its status level in the subscription contract. For instance, premium and standard subscribers will gain access to different levels of data analyses and formula customization to support their product and business development plans.

MyDx reported that MyDx360 will provide seamless market entry to ambitious entrepreneurs and brands by restructuring the procedure by which they develop formulated-concentrates and then offer them with a feedback ecosystem connecting consumers with brands.

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