MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Reports Successful Quality Control And Assurance Screening Of MyDx 2.0 Units

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported that the first batch of MyDx 2.0 1,000 units were successfully pull together and passed a difficult QA/QC screening procedure in its Silicon Valley production facility. With a host of new upgrades and features, MyDx 2.0 is comprised of more than 200 individual components, supported by more than 50 patents, that are pieced together with the best quality standards in mind. The latest units will meet orders on backlog and resupply stock reserves.

The updates

Robert Vigil, the VP of Software Engineering, reported that they have streamlined their QC software to expedite their QC testing processes and enhance overall quality control of units coming to consumers. This along with updated hardware and software will help them further instill confidence in their technology with the crowd.

To boost the sales of its new offering, MyDx plans to execute a new marketing plan to increase brand exposure and communicate company’s value proposition to the masses. The firm is working with its consultants on the course to deploy strategy in the best possible way.

Vigil added that the MyDx One iOS 4.0 Application considerably enhances the performance and speed of its predecessor and enables for further improvements without the requirement for consumers to download an application update. The MyDx team is in the middle of the advancement of its next-gen software, which will mark its launch on the Android Platform, which has commenced to surpass new iOS guest and registered users.

MyDx has advanced its data analytics and accumulation capabilities by enhancing quality and increasing the size of its database and improving related analytics and software algorithms. The net product is enhanced overall device and mobile application performance as well as increased accuracy of cannabinoid value detection among high cannabinoid strains. MyDx 2.0 has the latest firmware and hardware developments from its unique R&D department.

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