MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported the release of selected relevant datasets related to the top health problems that people are looking relief for, as well as the major patient communities that assist each other ascertain a chemical profile to cure certain ailments.

The details

MyDx reported that pain comes at the top of the sought therapies list by the CannaDx Community. Almost 43% of the people checking and following a specific cannabis chemical profile for respite are doing so to assist treat their pain. About 28% are looking for cannabis chemical profiles for Depression and Anxiety, 18% for Migraines, 15% seeking cannabis chemical profiles for Nausea, then 14% for PTSD, 12% for Anorexia, 13% for Bipolar Disorder, 11% for ADHD/ ADD, and 6% for Arthritis.

Although Crones Disease and Ulcers signify less than 2.5% of the crowdsourced health problems being tracked by community users, it is interesting to see that more than 93% of CannaDx customers who are looking for a chemical profile as relief for mentioned problems are sharing their experiences with the rest of the community. However, the patient community support for pain remains weak, where just nearly 20% of the population involves the CannaDx community with their results. In general, they have seen that based on the nature of the disease, the increased numbers of users are ready to help other people recognize the ideal chemical profile to cure their specific ailment.

Daniel Yazbeck, the Chief Executive Officer of MyDx, reported that they are eventually getting to core of what ailments individuals are seeking and more importantly, the type of chemical profiles that are assisting them get relief. By mining HIPPA Compliant Data, they are now listing the specific gAPI that can be obtained from cannabis, and the dosage of ingredients into a formulation so that it can be tailored for a certain therapy.

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