MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) to release AeroDx Sensors and related Mobile App 4.0. AeroDx Sensors are anticipated to detect air quality in its environment utilizing the MyDx 2.0 device, confirm air quality and control in cannabis growing facilities and provide a check for residual diluters in cannabis oils.

The company made a suite of enhancements to MyDx 1.0, which will extraordinarily advance current capabilities, comprising enhancement in the comprehensive performance. It will qualify the first of three projected imminent sensor unveilings in AeroDx, which will quantify major air quality factors for non-cannabis and cannabis clients, to be interchanged easily with the CannaDx Sensors.

The buzz

AeroDx Sensors comes in the list of three expected sensors to be released into the market and showcases the first versatile sensor to be utilized with the MyDx Analyzer with uses beyond cannabis. Once AeroDx Sensors are put into the MyDx Device, it becomes a tester with the ability to identify Volatile Organic Compounds such as Butane, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Methane and other detrimental chemicals, like Carbon Dioxide, existent in the air. It can monitor humidity and temperature, which can help in preventing germ and mold growth.

New MyDx 2.0 handheld equipments will be retrofitted with new firmware and hardware upgrades to permit for new sensors to be swapped effortlessly with the CannaDx Sensor. Current clients under the MyDx Care plan can dispatch their units into MyDx to be advanced free of costs. The interchangeability of the upcoming sensors in the equipment offers a level of testing versatility.

MyDx has developed its analytics capabilities and data accumulation by improving the quality and increasing the size of its database and enhancing associated analytics algorithms and software. The net product is improved overall mobile app and device performance as well as increased accuracy of CBD value discovery among high cannabinoid strains.