Namaste Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) has rejected the dried cannabis produce of Bonfiy Inc. The company has recalled the products as they failed to comply with the quality measures of Health Canada. The supply arrangements with Bonify Inc are suspended until further orders from Health Canada.

Quality of Dried Cannabis

Cannmart Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Namaste, is responsible for checking the quality of Bonify supplied medical cannabis products. The company uses the strict quality procedures of Health Canada to ensure that only quality products reach the customers. Cannmart can also make use of the services of licensed laboratories to ensure that chemical and microbial contaminants are within the specified limits.

Product Line of Namaste

The product portfolio of Namaste includes CBD products, smoking accessories, glassware, and vaporizers. Cannmart is responsible for selling medical cannabis products in Canada. Namaste sells its products under various brands worldwide through 30 sites catering to the needs of customers in 20 nations.

Namaste Stake in Pineapple Express Increases to 40%

Sean Dollinger, Chief Executive Officer of Namaste said the company is increasing its stake in the same day delivery services provider – Pineapple Express to 49%. The move is to improve delivery of its recreational and medical cannabis products to the licensed producers in Canada.

Namaste Establishes Its Footprint in Toronto

The CEO of Namaste has announced plans of opening Namaste Cafe in Toronto next year. The new retail brand helps the company to offer cannabis accessories, vaporizers, cannabis educational opportunities, and healthy eating and living branded food products.

Namaste Records Revenues of C$1.25 Million

Namaste has recorded sales of C$1.25 million in just five days through online platform thanks to Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, and Cyber Monday. It represents a growth of 52% from October 2018.

Cannmart Finds Alternate Supplier for Medical Cannabis

Cannmart has inked an annual supply accord with Agraflora Organics International Inc for the supply of medical cannabis. As per the terms of the deal, the company will purchase 25 million grams of medical marijuana at the cost of C$100 million from Agraflora. It is subject to the approval of Health Canada and Agraflora Cultivation.