New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV) Pronounces The Success Of Its Noni+Collagen Product

New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV) focuses on the manufacture of top-notch beverage and lifestyle products. It has its headquarters in Colorado where it conducts most of its business administration activities. The company today disclosed the massive expansion of its Noni+Collagen product.

The company’s Morinda Division did a remarkable job developing the Noni+Collagen product. However, the company won’t stop there. It seeks to sell the brand in 50 ml glass bottle shots. The company recommends that users consume the product once every day. It offers the product in three 10-packs over a timeframe of about 30 days.

State of affairs

Experts applaud the company’s skin-healthy collagen supplement outlining that it pulls along with a wide range of health benefits. Customers will visit the company’s website or reach out to Morinda’s DTC network to obtain the product.

The company’s spokesperson terms Collagen one of the major transformations in the beverage sector. He hopes the company will witness immense success with the product this year.

The increase in consumer awareness and interest means a rise in sales and the company is working on this. The Noni+Collagen combines a wide range of natural ingredients with the pure, authentic Tahitian Noni fruit. On top of that, it also utilizes hydrolyzed marine collagen.

A closer outlook

The business giant targets are coming up with a product that stimulates collagen production. It understands the essence of helping users attain their goal of developing firmer, younger-looking skin. Quite a significant number of people grow rather uncomfortable with wrinkles, and it seeks to assist them to lessen them. It also wants to help them increase skin elasticity.

This product launches along Morinda’s TeMana beauty line and serves as a clear demonstration of the company’s prowess in business. It seeks to promote the Tahitian Noni Juice a huge deal despite the high competition in the markets currently.

Shon Whitney, the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing, applauds the management for its efforts and dedication.

She opines, ”We are so incredibly pleased with the early success of TeMana Noni+Collagen. We knew this would be a product our customers and partners would love, and we are thrilled to see it gain immediate momentum.”

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