New Age Farm Inc (OTCMKTS:NWGFF) is a company that focuses in the designing of facilities and equipments for a wide range of processors and growers. The business guru only works with the licensed luxury marijuana providers. The company is inviting all consumers to visit the various stores across the nation to obtain its Fresh Water.

A close outlook

The company says that Drink Fresh Water LLC is one of its most recent acquisitions. It has applauded this subsidiary for the work it has put in towards coming up with the flagship product.

Reports indicate that the product can be found in almost 35 states at the moment. Market observers admit remarkable changes are evident since the inception of the new product. It seems to be expanding pretty fast.

New Age Farm’s Chief Executive Officer Joshua Bartch believes in the company and most of its business undertakings. According to the official, the notable rapid growth of the new product is quite encouraging.

Bartch opined, “Not only does the company’s footprint span more than 50% of the nation but we are continuing to see rapid growth and an amazing retention rate.  Additionally, we are currently working to drop the product in the established distribution through We Are Kured, LLC as well as evaluate new products to add to the line.”

The turn of events

The official concluded by expressing just how delighted he was about the future of the product. From time to time, the business guru will give the shareholders updates in line with the future advancements.

‘We Are Kured’ has upheld remarkable performance for over quite some time. This is basically one of this company’s best performing subsidiaries. The business guru was particular on the 30% rise in CBD milligrams achieved by the subsidiary.

Ben Martch is its current CEO. This official outlined that one of their major goals was to rise and become one of the most trusted vertically integrated companies globally. Martch says they had set expectations and are now even outperforming them.

The official thanks all their followers for the outstanding support. Martch exuded confidence in outlining that they anticipated even much better things in future.