Newgen Concepts Inc (OTCMKTS:VPOR) CEO and President Yaniv Nahon expressed that since numerous shareholders have asked queries about their Easy Grinder™ business, he  thought he would provide investors with the required answers on their questions related to Easy Grinder™.

The highlights

Newgen subsidiary Total Vapor, Inc. holds the contract for worldwide distribution, advertising and marketing rights to Easy Grinder™ and the privileges to any and all future variations or improvements to it. The development and design of Easy Grinder™ was compensated for by a private firm, EZ Grinder, Inc., which has all Easy Grinder™ trademark and patent pending.

Under the deal with EZ Grinder, Inc., Total Vapor compensates EZ Grinder a payment on unit sales and pays and arranges for any and all manufacturing expenses of the individual units produced, besides paying all advertising and marketing costs of Easy Grinder™ directly.

The payment that Total Vapor compensates to EZ Grinder, Inc. is a fixed amount of 10% of the dollar cost of production wherein such production costs/unit are grounded on production runs of at least 20,000 units at a time. They consider the royalty compensated to EZ Grinder, Inc. is a fair and reasonable amount.

They consider that they have proven there is a growing and large global market for Easy Grinder™ and continue to work on deals to finalize overseas distributors, and broaden its multinational and U.S. press coverage and distribution.

Vapor Group is focused on the acquisition and advancement of commercially viable intellectual asset and proprietary offerings. The firm’s subsidiary, Total Vapor, is the global distributor of the revolutionary Easy Grinder™. Customers can place an order on Easy Grinder™ can be shipped to Canada. Vapor Group owns Simple Cork, Inc., the developer of a latest, multi-nationally patented arrangement wine bottle cork and opener being set for market entry in 2018.