Newgen Concepts Inc (OTCMKTS:VPOR) which was previously called Vapor Group, Inc has announced that it will be putting up its own production plant in China so to as to speed up production and meet the huge demand for Easy Grinder™.

There is growing demand for Easy Grinder™ with the first two productions of units of more than 40,000 units Easy Grinder™ already sold out. Due to the growing domestic and international demand the company intends to expand its production of Easy Grinder™

The company recently dispatched its Chief Operating Officer to China to finish up on the talks as well as launching of a production plant exclusively for production and export of Easy Grinder™.

Owing to the big demand for the Easy Grinder™, the company has into negotiations with one of the largest CBD oil distributor in the United States to facilitate the distribution of the Easy Grinder™. The agreement is a major boost in the distribution of Easy Grinder™ since distributors of CBD supply to over 7,000 retail outlets and resellers which could offer Easy Grinder™ a diverse presence in retail stores. Due to the growing demand for Easy Grinder™, the company is projecting a big shift in the 2017 revenues and profit.

In line with the growing demand for Easy Grinder™, the company announced reporting huge traffic on its websites. The company says the websites has recorded over 450,000 vistors in just 10 days. The company says in addition to the growing traffic to its website, there is also a daily growing demand for the Easy Grinder™. According to Google analytics, much of the company’s traffic is also clicking the “learn more” tab on each website. In addition to spending a significant amount of time on the website, several visitors are also making several revisits to the websites.

According to the company, the surge is a result of its global social media marketing campaign which started with online marketer with a reach to more than 100 million potential clients for its clients.