NewLeaf Brands Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:NLBIF) Subsidiary Unveils Three Disposable Vape Pens

We Are Kured, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewLeaf Brands Inc. (OTCMKTS:NLBIF) has launched three new flavor profiles of disposable vape pens as well as 510 thread refill cartridges.

Kured unveils new flavors

The new vape profiles comprise of three crafted flavors that are available in tangerine, mango as well as Charlotte’s Web. Interestingly each flavor has its colored packaging that demonstrates the taste and feel of the product. Equally, besides the new profile product, We Are Kured will also donate part of the proceeds from Charlotte’s Web profile sales to various charities. The proceeds will go directly into benefiting the several veterans across the US.

Kured is a great brand that has been working with Eybna Inc. According to Eybna National Sales Manager Matthew Mograbi indicated that Kured runs a great operation and that they were glad to be working with them in the anticipated expansion.

NewLeaf Brands CMO and CEO of Kured Benjamin Martch indicated that his favorite profile was the mango profile. He added that the Kured’s new oil profiles are doing well in the CBD vape segment. He said that Eybna is a good terpene partner considering it is the best globally. The CEO indicated that he was looking forward to the reception of the new oil products.

NewLeaf subsidiary reformulating its CBD water

Recently NewLeaf Brand’s other subsidiary Fresh Water CBD LLC announced the completion of the remodeling of its CBD infused bottled water. The company is now offering the water in sleek 12oz cans. With the new cans, the CBD in the water will be sustainable since light will not degrade it as it could have been in clear bottles.

The subsidiary’s development team has also been working to enhance the formulation of the CBD water by increasing the dosage per unit to 25MG from 5MG. They will nonetheless maintain the freshwater taste.

The change in formulation is a way of creating a product that stands out from the rest of the products available in the market. Fresh Water CBD has been working to reformulate the water to increase its potency while maintaining the same taste.

By Steven Russell

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