North American Can Com (OTCMKTS:USMJ) plans to officially unveil the AmeriCanna Café. In an announcement, the company says the launch will take place at the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo which will take place from 22-23 April in Forth Worth, Texas. North American Cannabis has been working on developing a chain of restaurants since 2015, when the company bought a City Blends Smoothie Café.

According to the company, innovation, experimentation, as well as negotiation of the contract is completed and the company is now prepared and ready to officially launch. The expo will be among the several events where North American Cannabis showcases its AmeriCanna restaurants. The company also anticipates to engage operators and investors who are interested in starting up their own café. The company will be giving out a free AmeriCanna smoothie to all people that will attend the event.

Additionally, the company recently become Motion Entertainment Group (OTCMKTS:COBI)’s first customer of its Mobile Event app.  The company says it will use the app to offer specific details, schedule events and carry out real-time streaming of some events which are related to the launch of the AmeriCanna Café. The app will also allow viewers who are interested to follow the ceremony even if they have no plans of attending the conference.

Recently, North American Cannabis together with its venture partner Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) unveiled a joint online presentation concerning the upcoming official opening of the AmeriCanna Café. It is worth noting that Puration Inc is a branch of North American Cannabis and the two companies will partner in the production of EVERx CBD Infused Water under a North American Cannabis license. The presentation also elaborates the pending acquisition, whose details the two companies are yet to reveal. In addition, the presentation will feature updates on the progress made by North American Cannabis to launch a retail cannabis payment system in partnership with Alternet Systems, Inc.

North American Cannabis Holdings Inc lost 12.5% of the value of its shares in the March 28 trading session closing at $0.0007 per share, with a total of 167.93 million traded.