NOVUS ACQUISITION (OTCMKTS:NDEV) is a company that focuses in the delivery of health insurance services. It carries out its activities within the diverse medical marijuana industry. The business guru takes immense pride in its recent move to expand the reach of its remarkable services. The company enters the business agreement with Alloy Insurance Services.

A close outlook

Since its establishment, the new partner has been focusing in the provision of administration services .Asides from that, it has also been focusing in the delivery of the various employee benefits. Reports from trusted sources indicate that it serves about 50,000 on a nationwide scale.

Market observers from around the globe have applauded Novus for its achievement of executing the bundling deal with the partner. The Chief Executive Officer of Alloy John Pine admires the significant progress achieved by the business giant so far. The official sees the move to partner with Novus a timely one terming it a solution oriented move.

The turn of events

The leader believes in business collaborations that help them sharpen their competitive edge in a market characterized by stiff competition. This leader also spoke out in relation to the fact that the company has a remarkable medical plan. He advocates for the company getting a preferred pricing for its wide range of products within the borders of the United States.

Pine opined, “Integrating Novus to our existing packages in states that allows distribution for Medical Regulated Cannabis, will add to Alloy’s expansion in level funded health plans, acute care and telemedicine, pharmacy management, gap insurance and all other employee benefits.”

The company official outlined that the latest deal would benefit Novus at the most appropriate time.

Currently, they have their eyes fixed on the 2019 open enrollment which according to the official is quite close. The two seek to help struggling person with the best alternatives for their diverse needs.

Novus has a subsidiary called WCIG Insurance Services, Inc. It was today that the business guru through its subsidiary gave out its latest announcement. The company seeks to provide an update regarding its move to normalize cannabis in the health insurance market.