OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTCMKTS:OWCP) Announces Positive Safety Results From The First Phase Study For Medical Cannabis Ointment For Skin Disease Treatment

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTCMKTS:OWCP) has announced positive safety data for the first phase study of the medical grade cannabis ointment in treating skin diseases.

Preliminary results indicate that there were no severe adverse effects observed in the safety study. OWC Pharmaceuticals is on track to commence the second phase MSG ointment trial by the third quarter of 2019 in the treatment of psoriasis.

The first phase study was a single center, placebo-controlled trial for the assessment of tolerability and safety of the Cannabis MGC ointment in healthy subjects. The ointment has 3% THC and 3% CBD components. The study was carried out in Israel at the Sheba Academic Medical Centre from September 2017 when the first subject was enrolled in the study until January this year when the last subject concluded the trial.

Stages of the study

The first stage was designed for the evaluation of safety and tolerability after a single dose administration of MGC ointment 26 volunteers. The subjects got hospitalized and they were monitored 24 hours.

The second stage was equally designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of the MGC ointment after repeated application in 20 volunteers for almost six weeks. The second stage enrolled 7 new subjects in addition to 20 of those who participated in the first stage. The application of the MSG ointment was to be done by the subjects at home twice each day. The subjects were to apply the MGC ointment on one arm and then the MSG on the other placebo arm.

No adverse effects from MSG and MGC ointment

There were no adverse events reported in the two stages of the study although one subject reported minor irritations.

CEO Mordechai Bignizt indicated that they were motivated by the positive results from the first phase of the trial. He added that this was the first study that evaluated the safety and tolerability of their medical grade cannabis ointment as a topical skin disease treatment.

The second phase of the trial of MSC ointment will commence in the Q3 2019 for treatment of psoriasis.

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