The Owc Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCMKTS:OWCP) which a leading developer of cannabinoid based therapies that targets a large variety of condition and disorders medicines.

The company is willing and committed in structuring itself as a leader in the cannabis medical market and to improve its patients’ lives by development of a new solution together with devices and other products.

New Events

The products are said to have been derived from mechanisms that are used in the delivery of cannabis in the medical sector.

The company has recruited a high number of skilled managers in their team who have an experience in the cannabis medical sector, pharmaceutical development and management of cooperatives in togetherness with the capital markets. In a statement the company indicated that it is not a member of the pact that had recently been signed.

The chief executive officer of the company in a statement given to newsrooms said that it is aimed at developing the programs, which are set to be rolled out by the organization in few months to come.

Safety Tests

In the program there is safety test for the cannabis cream that is inter alia. The process to be approved needs an initiative safety trial for all the tablets and other pipeline projects to be added. The company is said to be gearing toward the improvement of the shareholders stake through a professional, ethical and management strategy.

With all these put in place the company has continued to offer better and high quality products to its existing and upcoming customers. There are also some changes which will be put in place in the management of the company to reduce chances of a fallout. The management also stated that it was committed to development programs.

Dr. Stanley Hirsch, the company’s chairman attributed to the fact that the management was committed to building value for its shareholders through strategic, professional and ethical management that is believed to bring improved health and quality of life to patients around the world.