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OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTCMKTS:OWCP) Releases Annual Letter to Shareholders

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTCMKTS:OWCP) through its Israeli based subsidiary named One world Cannabis Ltd released yearly letter to update company’s shareholders on overall performance. The firm also shares its objectives and goals for FY2017 through this shareholders’ letter.

The buzz

OWC Pharmaceutical owns 100% stake in One World Cannabis. The subsidiary unit was established to apply pharmaceutical research practices and disciplines to the international medicinal cannabis industry. It has enabled company to benefit from Israel’s role as the major global center of medicinal cannabis research.

Back in 2003, Israel marked as the second nation to formally legalize the use of medical cannabis. One World offers OWC with international access to the best research facilities and researchers in medicinal cannabis.

The key of OWC Pharmaceutical success is its management team. Dr. Yehuda Baruch is the Director of Research with One World and also the CSO of OWC. Prior to this role, Dr. Baruch was associated with the Medical Cannabis Program for as many as 10 years, where he looked after the government’s regulatory compliance, getting approvals for clinical studies from institutional review boards and managing patient cannabis agreements and dosage recommendations.

Ziv Turner is OWC Pharmaceutical’s VP Business Development and also MD of One World. He has more than 20 years of experience in business development, international sales and management.

Mr. Alon Sinaiis is the COO of One World. He has extensive experience of 25 years in the medical segment and has responsibility for OWCP’s R&D activities. Mr. Shmuel De Saban is Chief Financial Officer with the company. He has extensive experience in the field of financial services including background with early-stage firms. Mordechai Bignitz is a Certified Public Accountant with over 40 years of financial and business experience.

The entire management team and scientific research team together has contributed to OWC Pharmaceutical’s success in achieving the objectives goals last year.

By Jaime Williams

Jaime is a MBA graduate from UC San Diego and has written for for over 3 months now. She has a particular fondness for the medical marijuana industry but also likes writing on energy, consumer goods, and technology.

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