Pasha Brands Ltd (OTCMKTS:CRFTF) Submits Unique Product Application To The Ontario Cannabis Store

North American-based cannabis brand Pasha Brands Ltd (OTCMKTS:CRFTF) recently revealed that it submitted a product application to the Ontario Cannabis Store and that it is a significant submission.

The cannabis brand revealed that the new product application represents a significant milestone because it is the first of its kind. Pasha also believes that the submission demonstrates the company’s ability to provide quality cannabis products. Additionally, the products are from well-known brands that have been in the industry even before legalization. The product application submitted to Ontario Cannabis Store also represents Pasha’s ability to bring the products to market quickly and efficiently.

Some of the brands that are part of the application package include Beard Brothers Collective, Grizzlers, Roll Model, Earth Dragon Organics, Theraveda, CBD Therapeutics, and Aurion. These brands provide a variety of products that are all based on cannabis.

“Submitting this application to the highly coveted and intensely regulated Ontario Cannabis Store signifies that Pasha Brands and its subsidiaries are more than ready to enter the legal market,” stated Pasha Brands’ Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Brigitte Simons.

The transition to the legalized cannabis market

Simons noted that the move is part of the company’s goal of taking advantage of the recent legalization of the cannabis industry by the Canadian Federal government. The CSO also noted that the brands included in the submission were created by individuals with a vision that has been tested in an unstable and unregulated market pre-legalization.

Pasha will use the product application submission to make sure that the products numerous brands involved will be available in Ontario. The company also plans to make the brands available in other Canadian provinces in the future. This means that those provinces will get a chance to access the different consumer products offered by those brands.

Earth Dragon Organics founder and Pasha Brands’ product manager Tessa Serra pointed out that she was excited to see the company’s brands coming together to form a strong range of cannabis products. She also added that she was delighted to be part of the shift from the traditional cannabis market to the legal market.

By Steven Russell

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