Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:PVOTF) posted a corporate update for shareholders. Since company’s made its mark into the cannabis market, it has attained four patented technologies pertaining to cannabinoids administration into the human body.

The buzz

Each of Pivot’s technologies will permit the firm to advance and monetize several products in various concentrations and strengths without or with THC, addressing several unmet medical requirements and supporting a healthy lifestyle. The pipeline that company is advancing will allow it to deliver meaningful doses of cannabinoids, unlike existing products marketed in present time.

Pivot’s offerings will boast a shelf-life that will allow them to remain stable and fresh and have clinical data to support safety and efficacy claims in order to be utilized to manage a specific health condition. As well, each of their technologies permit for the taste and smell of cannabinoids to be considerably improved. Lastly, their offerings will be made in a world class facility of pharma grade utilizing only the best forms of cannabis extracts.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals will advance its offerings in markets where cannabinoids can be formulated and sourced without restriction. The firm recently reported that it will advance its cutting-edge cannabis offerings in Germany and in Israel, working with leading scientists to bring their robust pipeline of products to market in this year.

Dr. Patrick Frankham, the CEO of Pivot Pharmaceuticals, expressed that they are delighted of the progress that the firm has recorded during the preceding few months. As the industry prepares for legalization, it is company’s belief that only items that are doseable and have increased bio-availability will distinguish themselves from those given using simple vegetable based or tropical oils. Their intellectual property portfolio conveniently distinguishes them from their peers.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Pivot Pharmaceuticals gained 5% to close the day at $2.10.