Players Network (OTCMKTS:PNTV) a diversified holding firm operating in marijuana and media, reported the release of a new, expanded, investor communications and investor relations program intended to extend visibility to the investment group and offer added transparency to their shareholders by updating them of all existing operations and future plans.

The highlights

The campaign was encouraged by a notable jump in investor inquiries, Players’ intention for increased transparency for its investors and the transition from advanced-stage holdings into active. This interest is accredited to entering the marijuana market via its holdings along with accomplishing numerous milestones and latest updates.

The measure is a multi-channel course, comprising, but not confined to: the redevelopment of the corporate website, the advancement of the investor relations site, weekly investor update videos, monthly conference calls and webinars with the firm’s management, blog with in-house staff, increased alternatives for content delivery and expanded social media strategy, in-house Shareholder Communications and Investor Relations unit, the retention of a expert Corporate Communications company, and new branding showcasing a corporate logo.

Players Network will continue to extend its investor communications and release new features each month. Main features of the responsive, mobile optimized investor relations and corporate websites comprise a modern design to offer the enhanced user-friendly experience with improved functionality and innovative navigation. The improved content showcases Players Network diverse holdings and illustrates the firm’s vision and mission for the future.

Brett H. Pojunis, the Director of Players, reported that they have devoted the last few months following revolutionary processes to better communicate with their investors. They have established a remarkable in-house IR unit to organically enhance their communications.

The company will continually add fresh features to its site and our overall plan to better serve its shareholders and prospective shareholders. Investors can decide what content type they want, and when and how they want to obtain it. They have seen few small-cap firms advance such a strong in-house plan.