Populum Unveils 30 Capsule Bottle Pack of CBD At $109

Populum has introduced the full spectrum of cannabidiol capsules to capitalize on the growing demand in the wellness and beauty segment. The 30 capsule bottle comprise 750 mg of CBD. The two active ingredients in this pack are MCT oil and full-spectrum CBD oil. The customers can buy these innovative and safe CBD products at reduced rates for regular use by opting for a monthly subscription.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of direct to consumer brand – Populum, Gunhee Park said the company is fortunate to grow as brand and introduce an innovative product in this rapidly growing market. The company is planning to introduce products for lifestyle and wellness apart from CBD.

Top quality and safe brand

Populum is successful in creating the top quality and safe to use hemp products. Park said the company has created a brand so that new customers feel secure and safe to receive the top quality CBD products. Other products of Populum include oral tinctures.

The company generated sales of $1.5 million in FY 2018 because of the well acceptance of its hemp products by the customers. It has generated revenue of $500,000 in the first year of operation despite facing the challenges. The customer base of Populum has increased to 400 from 50.

Allays misconception

Many feel that marijuana and hemp are same. It is a misconception. Marijuana and hemp are derived from cannabis. However, growing mechanism of both is different. Hence, hemp differs from marijuana. It comprises minimal amount of THC.

Hemp is free from psycho effects because it is grown in open fields. It finds wide usage in a variety of applications. Hemp comprises CBD or cannabidiol. The CEO hints at educating the customers to allay the misconception on hemp.

Benefits of CBD oil

Regular use of CBD oil will benefit from improvement in wellbeing. It also improves concentration during the day. People, who are suffering from anxiety, can enjoy calmness and a sound sleep with the help of CBD oil. Regular application of CBD oil also helps to treat inflammation in the knees. There are no reports of side effects of cannabidiol oil among the users.

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