Potnetwork Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:POTN) has announced that sales revenues from its online platform have surpassed half a million dollars in the first 27 days of May. The revenue in May 2018 represents over 1000% increase compared to what the company reported in May of 2017.

Fostering transparency and keeping investors informed

In a move that demonstrates the commitment of the company’s management to entrench transparency, the results are instantly uploaded on the online portal so that the public can access them. This is one of the tools that have been put in place to ensure that investors are constantly informed about the latest developments.

The website offers a comprehensive comparison of results from last year. This ensures that investors have a resource center where they get information to weigh in the level of growth achieved or expected. According to data from Potnetworkholding.com, the corporate website of PotNetwork, there is a direct relationship between the growth in revenue and the increase in demand for Diamond CBD’s sales.

PotNetwork Holdings has continued to grow and diversify in several channels. These include an expanded and diversified product portfolio, effective product strategies and diversifications that produce results as well as supporting the growth so as to boost the company’s record breaking trends.

Currently the main objective of PotNetwork Holdings, Inc is to protect and sustain its dominance in the industry. This is being done by venturing in new markets like Europe, Canada and the United States. Back home, the company has put in place growth strategies like undertaking direct sales through a corporate fleet of vans stocked with inventory. The vans are used to distribute to major markets in the US. These vans deliver directly to the retailers.

The MediPets product line is quickly picking up with a lot of momentum

In other news, Diamond CBD, Inc,a wholly-owned subsidiary of PotNetwork Holdings, Inc has announced  that its MediPets product line is rapidly expanding. MediPets is a premium quality wide spectrum of healthy dietary treats meant for pets and designed to boost the health and wellness of dogs and cats.

In addition to being infused with organically grown hemp-based CBD, the treats are made with ingredients that are rich in nutrients and are carefully blended to appeal and improve the quality of life of dogs and cats.