Premier Biomedical Inc (OTCMKTS:BIEI) announced recently that it’s searching for a suitable partner to jointly develop the patented extracorporeal treatment process that uses lasers to treat various medical conditions. The method works by applying the concept of cleaning blood outside in a continuous process using a laser to destroy targeted antigens in the blood before returning the treated blood back to the body of the patient.

Currently, the firm has exclusive rights to three patents, six pending applications, and one provisional patent application. The company intends to use the patents to develop innovative treatments for cancer and extracorporeal treatments for chronic diseases.

Last month, the company announced the filing of a patent application known as the ‘Method for Slowing the Aging Process’. The patent will give the Premier Biomedical exclusive rights to carry out the innovative products to treat aging problems.

The patent application is conducted by removing specific antigens that cause aging process by using an extracorporeal treatment of blood outside the patient’s body. The process binds the antigens together and removes them before returning the blood back to the patient’s body.

According to Dr. Felder, inventor of technologies at Premier Biomedical, use of lasers with a combination of extracorporeal treatment process helps in eradicating all the potential infectious diseases, without prompting the resistance of pathogens or causing side effects to the patient. The technology behind the process is also less expensive compared to the alternative methods available in the market and possesses an efficacious treatment for septicemia, which is a number one cause of death across the world.

William A. Hartman, president, and CEO at Premier Biomedical stated that the combination of the patented extracorporeal treatment process together with the pending emissive energy ablation of targeted antigens is a new concept that would bring up other new ways of treating the diseases. The method is safe and effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions.