Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Announces The New Distribution Agreement With Beverage Distributors Inc

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has entered a new distribution agreement. The company signs the agreement with the Ohio Corporation Beverage Distributors Inc, which was set up back in 1933. The initial owner of this business was Frank Blazy, who later surrendered it to his son Henry. It has been undertaking successful operations, and that explains why 86 years down the line it still stands. Currently, Beverage Distributors is run by the Conway Family, which says it embraces the latest agreement fully.

The new move will see Beverage Distributors engage in the distribution and sale of a wide range of products from Kona Gold. Some of the products include the HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and Energy Drinks that will be distributed across Ohio. The major markets are looking forward to purchasing the products.

Details about Beverage Distributors

To date, Beverage Distributors still operates as a family-owned business. Its uniqueness lies in the way if it pays a keen focus on delivering customer experiences every day. BDI represents several top-notch products. These include brands such as Heineken USA, Boston Beer Company, Miller Coors, and the Diageo-Guinness USA.

The others are Mike’s Hard Lemonade Company and multiple craft breweries. Reports indicate that BDI is one of the biggest distributors for Miller Brewing Company, which is found in Ohio. This time around, BDI welcomes the business giant Kona to the Family and is quite pleased to make a move.

Company’s progressive moves and future expectations

The V.P. of Sales of Kona Gold Solutions Chris Selinger has also been speaking about the latest move. He supports it a huge deal saying it will help the company increase its revenues by a significant margin.

He opined, “I am delighted to announce Kona Gold will be available across the great state of Ohio by way of our new distributor partnership with Beverage Distributors. Beverage Distributors reach and experienced team will be vital to our success in key markets in Ohio.”

Kona Gold has, in recent times, engaged in several positive developments. The other one was the August move that saw the company collaborate with Imperial Beverage. The business partner has been successfully distributing Kona Gold’s wide range of products in Michigan.

By Steven Russell

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