Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has unveiled a new packaging for its EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water. The product will undergo a complete overhaul of its package design that will involve a new logo and label plus other packaging configurations.

Increase revenue

The new branding campaign comes after the company reported a 594% increase in revenue in its 2018 Q2 financial report. The company also reported $194,000 in profits compared to the $100,000 that was reported in the same period the previous financial year.

Puration’s CEO Brian Shibley said the current market size of EVERx doubles that of other CBD Infused waters that are available on the market. He noted that that company’s water has a high CBD concentration than its competitors. Shibley also said that the company’s water has a comparative advantage of having a refreshing taste and a crystal clear appearance.

Innovative sales approach

The CEO indicated that although the company’s packaging may not be the best on the market, they have an innovative sales approach driven by a vibrant sales team. This, he says, is the reason behind the more than double growth in sales.

Shibley says that the company is always making use of all available sales opportunities to reach out to potential customers. He added that Puration has attended several trade shows to distribute samples of its products as well as collect opinions from customers.

Introduction of new cannabis categories

The rebranding campaign comes after the company launched the expansion as well as diversification of its cannabis beverage brands and opening of operations in other geographical regions.

The company announced entry into the cannabis industry last year with the introduction of its EVERx CBD Infused Water. The product was introduced targeting the sports market.

Puration has announced that in addition to acquisition of existing cannabis beverages, it is also developing new cannabis beverages so as to expand its portfolio. The company is expected to complete its first acquisition before the end of 2018. As part of its rebranding campaign, the company recently launched a new website with more details.