Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) associate NCM Biotech is working with university research segments in the advancement of pharmaceutical applications. The medical advisory team of NCM Biotech includes John N. Gaitanis, Lloyd R. Saberski, and John McMichael, Ph.D. Feedback from the extracts obtained from the Patented Extraction Procedure used by Puration has shown that the extracts possesses a greater efficacy prospect that GW Pharmaceutical offerings and candidate products.

With the inclusion of the First Choice Nursery Grow business, Puration and NCM Biotech are working together on a university association to advance an innovative strain of cannabis that can improve the quality of the extracts obtained from the Patented Extraction Procedure.

The highlights

Puration has a sound and creative strategy. Both the sound nature of the plan and creativity set company apart from the other firms in the cannabis segment. The company has creatively advanced a plan to record its mark as known brand name for cannabis extraction equivalent to the way Splenda became known as a major sweetener in beverages and snacks for diet conscious customers.

The creativity differentiator is noted in Puration’s plan to create consumers like EVERx, AmeriCanna Café and Spanish Peaks. While creativity can be seen as less than sustainable, the company has otherwise set sustainability by establishing infrastructure for expansion that reimburses for itself in addition to resulting in margins that can internally support future growth. The management is optimistic that the company’s sound and creative strategy will become more obvious than the current PPS reveals as ongoing quarterly reports validate the firm’s progress and future potential.

More recently, the company reported that it is taking all measures to welcome the marijuana legalization in the U.S. as and when it comes. Brian Shibley, the CEO of Puration, reported that marijuana legalization is inevitable. There are certain indications that are clearly supporting the upcoming wave of marijuana legalization in the country.