Rising India Inc (OTCMRTS:RSII) announced recently that it’s partnering with PAO GROUP’s (OTCMKTS:PAOG) subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Centers of America to offer a free distribution of Cannophen™ to patients who want to stop smoking/vaping residing in Ohio, Florida. The two firms are launching a trial at all its medical clinics within Ohio and the patients will be served on a first-come-first-served basis.

The drug contains portions of THC, CBD and other specified strains of Terpenes for easier digestion and is designed as an alternative for patients who don’t want to use off-tasting tinctures and prefer fast reaction. In addition, the drug contains various beneficial elements for healing a wide range of medical conditions including treating symptoms of Parkinson and other rare conditions.

Furthermore, Cannophen™ can be used to cure people suffering from cancer particularly in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy. Previous studies have shown that cannabinoids components found in medical cannabis help in slowing down the growth of cancerous cells in the body by blocking the creation of blood vessels that nourish tumor. Furthermore, other studies conducted on animals indicate that cannabinoids kill cancer cells while at the same time protecting the normal body cells from getting infected.

Other benefits include managing chronic pain, nausea, and other complex medical conditions. The program will commence after a week and the company has already obtained a license to distribute Cannophen™ and other RSII products in Ohio. The firm also plans to expand its services to other states once the trial is successfully implemented. Patients with chronic diseases will largely benefit from the program since they would not be required to pay for their medicines or treatment.

Meanwhile, Rising Biosciences has announced that it’s also planning to launch its RBS0238 CLINICAL PEPTIDE SERUM in the second quarter of the year. The firm will commence the production phase for Peptide Serum and it will be available in the market from April 2018. The company has also presented updates on the expansion strategy and it’s partnering with two other California producers to manufacture MMJ products.