ROCKY Mtn High (OTCMKTS:RMHB) has appointed Michelle Krebsbach as the Director of Marketing. Krebsbach has experience of more than 20 years in advertising and marketing, both as a Brand Manager and Marketing Director for brands such as Fossil, Inc. and Toni&Guy, and also as the owner of her agency.

She marketed and developed products for both Toni&Guy and Fossil and advanced a national beverage plan for TGI Fridays. Krebsbach was also associated with Harwood Marketing Group, advancing in-store retail promotions for customers such as Nokia, Cricket, Corona, Kimberly-Clark, Mrs. Smith’s, Cargill Meats and Nabisco.

The details

Michael Welch, the Chairman and CEO of Rocky Mountain, expressed that Krebsbach has a remarkable customer-based approach to marketing. She understands how to execute and create programs to establish consumer awareness, loyalty and trial. They know she possess the capability to establish robust consumer demand for their hemp-based brands.

Krebsbach expressed that he is extremely thrilled about joining Rocky Mountain at this very major juncture. He has been involved with numerous well-known brands during his career. He is also extremely aware of the health advantages of hemp and look forward to assisting bring them to customers.

Mrs. Krebsbach earned a BS Degree from renowned Texas State University. She established Mkreative Group, a boutique graphic design and marketing agency in 2005. Her agency focusses on advancing and branding, designing packaging, and producing marketing campaigns for firms that are working to get shelf space at retail.

Rocky Mountain is a consumer goods entity focused on brand development of healthy, hemp-infused beverage and food products. The firm presently markets a lineup of 4 naturally flavored hemp-infused drinks, Citrus Energy, Mango Energy, Lemonade and Black Tea and a Coconut Lime Energy drink.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Rocky Mountain jumped more than 49% to close the day at $0.0091.