Rocky Mtn High (OTCMKTS:RMHB) has announced the selection of its brands CALIFORNIA and ROCKET HIGH by CBD Alimentos SA DE CV. As per the terms of the accord, CBD Alimentos will use brands of RMHB for its CBD infused beverages derived from hemp.

ROCKET HIGH signifies the strength and energy of a rocket aimed at new frontiers. The CALIFORNIA brand is well known for inducing fast-paced lifestyle and feelings of the Golden Coast. The brands are built to depict a nice feel and high energy look.

The company has selected the metallic texture to communicate strength as well as the high impact for the energy drinks. The energy drinks boast abstract color patterns to communicate the use of CBD, a star ingredient. The product has a planet pattern on the background.

Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board of RMHB, Michael Welch said today’s announcement indicates the progress of the company with the Master Manufacturing Agreement. It reinforces and exemplifies the strategic relationship of RHMB with Bheinn Impact Consulting, LLC and CBD Alimentos SA DE CV.

Rocky Mtn High Adds Hal Kravitz to Its Board of Directors

Hal Kravitz, an industry veteran, has joined the board of directors of RHMB as an advisor. He will be able to share his vast expertise in the beverage industry for the benefit of RHMB. He will play a vital role in introducing Hemp product line, restate the Rocket High Mountain Brand and build the Eagle Spirit Spring Water product line.

In his last stint, he worked on successful brands such as smartwater, vitaminwater, AQUAhydrate, and CELSIUS.

His initial assignment was in The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) as an officer in 1983. He climbed the ladder to reach the leadership in the company. The smartwater and vitaminwater adds revenues of over $1 billion.

He worked as a chief executive officer of AQUAhydrate and tripled the company’s revenues. After stepping down as CEO in April 2018, he joined as Chairman in the Certified Management Group.

Brief Information about Rocky Mtn High

The lifestyle brand management company, RHMB is engaged in the sale of “good for you” products. The company takes into account the marketing insights and consumer trends for the emerging products and helps to create a meaningful brand experience.