SinglePoint, Inc. Common Stock (OTCMKTS:SING) recently announced the availability of an Audio Press Release (APR) titled “Smart Investment Leads to Big Opportunities in Growing Cannabis Market.”

The recently announced APR highlights the company’s measures aimed at securing a strong position in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. SinglePoint has particularly been working towards creating new ways of optimizing its CBD output from Hemp with the overall goal of boosting profitability. There has been a lot of hype about Hemp following courtesy of the Farm Bill which legalized hemp products in the U.S. Analysts in return are convinced that the hemp products market is about to become more lucrative.

“This year will be a banner year for SinglePoint. We are equipped with the proper funding, partners, and opportunities to be firing on all cylinders,” stated Greg Lambrecht, the CEO of SinglePoint.

Lambrecht also noted that the company has already secured the right partners, opportunities, and funding in preparation for full steam ahead. SinglePoint’s executive team wants to position the company as a market leader in the CBD market while achieving significant growth.

SinglePoint rolls out cannabis payment solution based on Bitcoin

SinglePoint also announced recently that it rolled out its new cannabis payment solution that is based on Bitcoin (BTC). The company’s management is optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential, and this is arguably one of the reasons behind the decision to launch a payment solution that leverages cryptocurrency. Despite the recent launch, the company has for a long time been interested in a Bitcoin-based solution. It had planned to go down that road in 2014, but it shelved the plan because there was not enough customer adoption to reach the critical mass that would support its success.

The company recently rolled out the beta version of the blockchain payment solution so that it collect user feedback. SinglePoint’s management is currently convinced that now is the right time for such a solution, especially because the cannabis industry does not have such a viable payment system that is based on the blockchain. The goal of the program is to offer a user-friendly platform through which cannabis merchants can transact.