SinglePoint Inc. (OTCMKTS:SING) e-commerce platform has received an exceptional response in regard to the news of American Premium Water Company’s (OTCMKTS:HIPH) LALPINA CBD water.

LALPINA CBD Water leading in sales on SingleSeed site

The companies are excited with the response they have so far seen for the demand of LALPINA CBD Water. The LALPINA CBD water has been a top seller on the platform and has witnessed multiple reorders. However, on June 20 the site experienced a lot of traffic leading to its crashing thus causing delays in ordering before the site could be restored later with more resources being added. The site is offering a 10% discount for convenience on LALPINA CBD Water products throughout the weekend using the code crash at checkout.

SinglePoint President Wil Ralston stated that the LALPINA CBD water has been a vital product on the platform that has had a tremendous response. The response is a promising opportunity for and LALPINA. Ralston added that the company is looking forward to continuing its shipping orders and great relationship to all its customers. He further indicated that the company had solved the delays caused by the crashing of the website and the company has taken steps to avoid such an issue.

Relationship with SingleSeed to help in expansion of LALPINA water line

In recent weeks the LALPINA CBD water product has been among the top sellers on SingleSeed resulting in the company ramping up deliveries because of the capability of SingleSeed to deliver the products to the market. The company indicated that they foresee the relationship with SingleSeed helping them in the expansion of the LALPINA water line as well as other CBD products as one of the company’s most successful e-commerce distribution partners.  

The company is equally looking to secure other strategic partnerships that could be beneficial for both companies.

SinglePoint Inc. is an investment and technology company whose main focus is the acquisition of companies that will profit from the integration of technology and injection of growth capital. The company’s product portfolio includes blockchain solutions, ancillary cannabis services as well as mobile payments. The company provides cannabis products and services through SingleSeed.