Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:AGFAF) Pleased After Farmako’s Receives A Business License

Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:AGFAF) has disclosed the latest development regarding its subsidiary Farmako GmbH. The business guru says that Farmako will be free to engage in the distribution of medical cannabis flowers. These products have undergone the ionizing radiation treatment, and it seems great times lie ahead for this subsidiary.

The license and its impact

Agraflora has described the recent development as a major milestone for Farmako, saying that the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices had done it a huge favor.

Reports indicate that the German medical cannabis marketplace has been encountering shortages in supply. A number of reasons have been cited to explain this undersupply, one of them being the scarcity of the EU-GMP certified cannabis flowers. What makes matters even worse is the fact that the exporting jurisdictions give tough conditions. One of them has been that one uses microbial sterilization before selling out products. Canada is one of these countries.

Eckmans and his perspective

The Chief Executive Officer of Farmako Katrin Eckmans says that it is a great achievement on their part to have secured the AMRadV license. He sees as a great stepping stone that will see them succeed in their quest to solve the major barriers that have been standing on their way to achieving massive business success.

Eckmans says that it feels great falling in the category of companies that can freely import and the sterilized cannabis flowers. The official believes that Farmako is on the right path, considering that it stands to benefit from the increased supply from various countries from around the globe.

The subsidiary is eyeing the significant growth in demand for the product and says that it will be taking full advantage of that.

Market observers say that Farmako stands to gain a huge deal from the German market. Reports indicate that the medical cannabis market in German may soon expand a great deal. It is projected that the expansion may get to the point of it becoming of the world’s biggest market places, focusing on the sale of cannabis products. Farmako says that it will uphold its efforts, which are targeted at making it more competitive as a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler.


Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:AGFAF) Reveals Plan To Acquire Eviana Health Corporation

Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:AGFAF), an international firm that mainly focuses on cannabis growth has announced a plan to take over Eviana Health Corporation.

The company revealed that it plans to present an offer to Eviana Health Corporation’s shareholders for the purchase of the firm’s outstanding and issued common shares. Agraflora also revealed that its offer will allow Eviana Health shareholders to receive Agraflora’s common shares as part of the exchange.

Agraflora is prepared to give 1.694915 of its common shares to Eviana shareholders at $0.50 for every Eviana share. Additionally, Agraflora is prepared to strike a deal at $0.295 as the share price for its stock as on August 9 this year.

Eviana shareholders have an incentive to entertain the offer because it provides a 49.25% premium on the market price. It also provides them with access to a cannabis company that boasts of higher trading volumes and is also heavily focused on growth. Agraflora is expected to hold talks with Eviana over the next few days and will remain listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange if the takeover goes through.

Agraflora signs CBD distribution and commercialization Letter of intent

Agraflora announced on August 8 that it signed a non-binding letter of intent for the commercialization and distribution of CBD. The company revealed that it signed the deal with one of the largest food retailers in Canada, known as the Canadian Food Retailer.

Agraflora opted to engage with Canadian Food Retailer about the commercialization and distribution plans because it has a robust network of physical stores. The terms of the letter of intent indicate that the two companies will sign a Supply and Consulting deal, through which Canadian Food Retailer will receive packaged CBD-infused goods from Agraflora.

“We are elated to announce that this prominent Canadian Food Retailer has selected AgraFlora as a potential partner of choice for CBD commercialization and distribution,” stated Agraflora CEO, Brandon Boddy.

The CEO pointed out that his company was an attractive pick for Canadian Food Retailer because it has the right manufacturing capabilities, human capital, and assets. The company also boasts of ample scaling capacity for its manufacturing processes.


Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:PUFXF) Acquires Manitoba Based Edibles Manufacturing Facility And Expects To Generate Annual Revenues Of Over $750 Million In 2020

Edibles And Infusions Corp (EIC), a subsidiary of Agraflora Organics International Inc (OTCMKTS:PUFXF),has taken over Winnipeg, Manitoba based 51,500 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility. The company expects to complete the facility upgrades such as electrical, mechanical, architectural, and security retrofits by September 2019 and comply with Health Canada regulations. Agraflora has a stake of 80% in EIC.

Revenues of over $750 million

EIC expects to generate revenues of over $750 million per annum when the facility becomes operational in Q1 2020. The company would distribute the products through existing distribution channels in 20,000 locations that comprise Wal-Mart and Costco.

EIC already have several hundred SKUs in production. It benefits from experienced confectioners and chocolatiers, established supply chain management infrastructure, and industry relationships.

Automated manufacturing line

EIC expects delivery of automated depositing and manufacturing line in Q1 2020 for toffee, chocolate, CBD infused gummies, hard candy, and caramel. The company expects the completion of product development and R&D Lab for turnkey and pharmaceutical grade edibles by August 2020.

EIC expects the receipt of sales and processing licenses from Health Canada by Q1 2020. The company would engage cannabis license experts and 3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd for expediting applications. It will also use these two firms for developing SOPs (standard operating procedure).

EIC is in advanced negotiations for the development and contract manufacturing of CBD edible confections with Tier 1 licensed producers in Canada. It is also negotiating for securing national listings for cannabidiol infused foods in retail locations and major groceries.

Following the receipt of a license from Health Canada, EIC will engage in the production of terpene and CBD infused products for functional, medicinal and adult use. Its product line comprises caramels, toffees, gummies, gum, baked goods, glazed pecans, cheese biscuits, caramel popcorn, cocoa cookies, salty pretzels, CBD infused pet products, and powdered drinks.

Guidance for AAA Heidelberg facility

Agraflora has issued operating guidance for its wholly owned AAA Heidelberg facility for Q3 2019 to Q4 2020. The company expects to receive an export license, sales license, and processing license from Health Canada. It expects fully optimized production facilities with capabilities of circa 1 million grams of dried craft cannabis flower.

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