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Can Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) breakout be on the horizon

Before we get into the due diligence on Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA), its important to take notice of today’s news released by MARAPHARM Ventures Com NPV (OTCMKTS:MRPHF). Marijuana stocks tend to move up higher on news and so could be the case today with MRPHF. Marapharm Ventures Inc. announced a Second Agreement to Acquire Assets in California. As per the press release, “We are really excited to have a second property as well as three more licenses in the California market. Marapharm is positioning to be an effective competitor and marketer in the most populous state in the nation. Smaller and well located facilities like this one are perfect for training staff and for product testing of new strains and products,” says Linda Sampson, Marapharm CEO and director. It would be interesting to see if today’s press release will this be enough for the bulls to take over MRPHF.

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) has announced that Kannaway LLC, its portfolio company, has launched a refreshed version of its world-renowned brand, at the “Genesis” event in San Diego, held this month. The event was two day long and comprised of award-winning training sessions, as well as talks from Kannaway leaders. The company stated that the talks focused on best practices that help in building a better business.

Kannaway also took the opportunity to announce the newest members of its leadership. Moreover, the company introduced a new stock option plan for brand ambassadors. This was in addition to a 7-day cruise trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Furthermore, the company announced that two of its brand ambassadors reached the platinum level, under Kannaway’s social responsibility initiative. As part of the brand refreshment, Kannaway has added three new products to its line of hemp oil and CBD products. These include the Pure CBD Liquid, Premium Hemp Oil capsules and Pure CBD capsules.

Blake Schroeder, the CEO of Kannaway, expressed pride at the launch of their new brand and the three products, while also stating that brand ambassadors were excited about the company’s new stock incentive program. He also announced the launch of the company’s new program, ECHO, to which Kannaway and its brand ambassadors made the first contribution. In association with its brand renewal strategy, the company has also introduced a new website.

Earlier, another major investment from MJNA, Axim Biotechnologies (OTCMKTS:AXIM), has received a notice of allowance, from the USPTO, in association with its patent for its use of all cannabinoids, in its new control release chewing gum. This indicates that Axim is clear to file a patent for the application. Medical Marijuana noted that the new patent would be an extension of Axim’s current patent, which covers the use of chewing gum as a controlled delivery mechanism for cannabinoids.

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) had a trade volume of 36.18 million and lost 12.5% of its share value, during the November 21 trading session, to close at $0.098 per share.

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What California’s Approval Of Recreational Marijuana Means For Cannabis Companies

The future looks brighter for Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP), FutureLand Corp (OTCMKTS:FUTL), S&W Seed Company (NASDAQ:SANW) and their peers is legal recreational marijuana business. Voters in several states have taken advantage of the 2016 election to approve various forms of marijuana use.

California, the most populous state in the U.S., hasvoted to legalize recreational marijuana.It is the same story in Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts. However, In Arizona, voters rejected the proposal to legal cannabis for recreational use in the state. Nevertheless, the approval of pot for creational use in California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts means a wider market for manufacturers of edibles and beverages laced with marijuana, a rapidly growing subset of legal marijuana industry.

Medical marijuana

In North Dakota,Florida and Arkansas voters have approved medical marijuana in the latest ballot, while in Montana they have voted to remove certain restrictions in the use of medical pot. Nine states had marijuana questions on the ballot in this election and cannabis seems to have scored a major victory.

In the states where medical marijuana has been newly approved, the market has widened for Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS), Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ZYNE), Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:CNBX) and their peers. These companies are engaged in harnessing therapeutic benefits of cannabis to treat a range of illnesses including cancer and seizures.

The voter approval of recreationalmarijuana in this electioncomes at a time when a recent poll showed a sharp spike in the number of adults who have smoked cannabis. Gallup poll showed adult marijuana smokers nearly doubled in three years as of August 2016.

Restricted recreational use

California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusettsnow join the ranks Oregon,Alaska, Colorado and Washington that have already made cannabis for entertainment legal. Recreational marijuana is also legal in Washington, D.C.

Legal marijuana is a major revenue earner in Colodaro, where the industry created more than 18,000 full-time jobs in 2015 and generated millions of dollars in taxes. It is projected that legal cannabis industry will be worth more than $22 billion by 2020.

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Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Edging Higher But CEO Fraud Charges Could Cap Momentum

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) has fired the first warning shot, highlighting how serious it is about pursuing growth opportunities in the multi-billion medical marijuana business. The leader in Industrial hemp through its subsidiary Industrial Hemp Manufacturing has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 1,000+ acres of Hemp.

With the cannabis industry expanding rapidly, there’s tremendous opportunity as the industry’s leading payment solution provider. Read more how this weed stands tall in a bright green field. 

BioRegen’s agreement

The agreement is for hemp that is to be harvested in BioRegen’s land in Eastern Northern Carolina. Harvesting of the hemp in question is slated for the end of next year. This will be the first Hemp crop in the state following the legalization of medical marijuana last year.

The signing of an agreement with BioRegen’s does not come as a surprise given that Hemp Inc runs a multi-purpose hemp processing plant 75 miles from the farming land. The same should allow the company to process millions of pounds of hemp fibers with ease.

“Instead of leaving the stalk in the fields to be wasted, or in some cases burned thereby polluting the environment, we have the infrastructure in place to take that wasted fiber and process roughly forty million pounds per year… and that’s just with our Temafa decortication line said CEO, Bruce Perlowin.

Pivotal U.S Election

The timing of the Letter of Intent could not have been better given the expected expansion of the target market as more states move to legalize the same through voting. Nine states are poised to vote for the legalization of the federally prohibited plant in what experts believe will expand the target market.

Hillary Clinton winning the November 8 election should also act as a big lift for the fast growing industry given she seems more lenient in legalizing marijuana something that could help in the expansion of the target market.

Even on growing investor interest in cannabis stocks, Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) faces major hurdles if it is to attract the near attention that other stocks are receiving. The arrest of its CEO, Perlowin early in the year over fraud charges is a dark cloud that could affect the stock’s sentiments on the street.

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Marijuana Edible Go On Sale In Oregon

The wait is over in Oregon and marijuana lovers in the state can celebrate a new freedom. It is the freedom to access cannabis edibles and they are coming in all shapes and sizes just as vendors can be innovative. For some in Oregon who have been crossing over to Washington State to eat marijuana edible, the new freedom at home also means an opportunity to make some savings.

Beginning today, Thursday June 2, anyone above the age of 21 years can legally buy food laced with marijuana if they have a desire to get high without having to deal with smoke directly. Previously, Oregonian needed to have medical marijuana cards to access recreational cannabis, but even then, edibles were out of question. But with the new development, you have a choice of the marijuana you want to have – marijuana-themed soft drinks, brownies and cookies are among the options.

Recreational cannabis has been legally available in Oregon since October 2015, but that didn’t include access to marijuana edibles. As they say in Oregon, pot edibles were the state’s forbidden fruit until when the governor said that things were changing to widen access to recreational marijuana.

Vendors look forward to brisk business

For vendors of marijuana products, the business opportunity has just expanded. At Finest dispensary located in Northeast Portland, workers were racing against time to get inventory ready for the first day of edible marijuana sales. But according to the owner of the dispensary, Megan Marcheetti, they will not only be selling to customers who show up at the store or order deliveries, but also advising them how to behave.

Marijuana in any form is just marijuana and those who consume it should be careful. That’s why the gospel Marcheetti will be preaching to customers is to go slow and low with marijuana. It is as though Marcheetti wants to be a different marijuana vendor – one who is also promoting responsible consumption.

Risk area

One of the risks experts see with the freedom to access pot edibles is overdose. Hopefully, kids will not be caught in the cannabis overdose web because of the potential harm it can cause them.

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Toronto Pot Dispensaries Continue Operations Amid Raids

A number of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Toronto continue to operate, completely defying the police raids last week. Cannabis Culture, for example, continues to sell cannabis for recreational purposes since the recent raids did not affect it.

Law enforcers raided 43 pot dispensaries in Toronto on Thursday as part of the ongoing “Project Claudia” investigation. The crackdowns resulted to nearly 200 charges and the arrest of 90 people. So far, the police force has already seized 129 kilos of candy edibles, 71 kilos of chocolate edibles, 269 kilos of dried pot, 64 kilos of liquids, and almost $160,000 of cash.

As Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Chief, puts it, recreational marijuana dispensaries pose a great public health concern, given the fact that they operate under no regulations. Out of the nearly 90 marijuana dispensaries in Toronto, only 18 producers are licensed to dispense medical cannabis in the province.

Toronto Cannabis Coalition: Drop All Charges

Following these events, Toronto Cannabis Coalition asked the city to drop all charges immediately on the grounds of their unjust nature.

Adolfo Gonzalez, Toronto Cannabis Coalition spokesperson, argued that the Toronto-based marijuana dispensaries operate in an “informative environment” that is highly beneficial especially for cannabis patients. Furthermore, Gonzalez elaborated that these dispensaries are far better and safer than black market suppliers are.

According to Gonzalez, the lack of specific guidelines regarding the use and distribution of marijuana has led to the growth of dispensaries in the city. Hence, the Toronto Cannabis Coalition wants the legislative body to consider appropriate and reasonable regulations that would protect the interests of patients, dispensaries, and the city as a whole.

What Legalization Means for Pot Activists

Jodie Emery, a leading marijuana activist, explained in behalf of Cannabis Culture that the legalization of marijuana should not be limited for and to medical purposes only. Healthy or sick, any Canadian shall be given the right to access pot. Moreover, Emery said that Cannabis Culture will not cease operations and shall continue to offer marijuana to anyone aged above 19. She added that this is a clear statement of what the activist community wants by demonstrating that the recreational use of marijuana should not be criminalized.

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A UD Student Is Charged With Marijuana Possession

Dylan Nunn, a student at the University of Delaware in the White Clay Creek State Park was arrested for running a home shop that made and sold marijuana-infused foods. Police were carrying out investigations related to officers from the Natural Resources Police State Parks Enforcement when they encountered Nunn who was in possession of 460 grams of edible marijuana.

The execution of a search warrant at Nunn’s apartment on May 20 led to the discovery of another 62 dosage units of LSD and 3,522 grams of raw and edible marijuana products. drug paraphernalia and several stolen street signs belonging to the city of Newark were also recovered from the apartment.

On closer interrogation, the 22-year-old revealed that he extracts the THC oil from marijuana that he places into a Magical Butter infusion machine. A mixture of the THC oil and coconut oil was used to make bake the goodies which would later be sold for $5 to $15 apiece. Nunn would either deliver or have the client pick them from his apartment.

The hotel and restaurant management student who was charged with drug dealing in a tier 2 quantity (LSD) and tier 3 quantity (marijuana) has since been released after posting $50,000 secured bond. Other charges imposed on him include possession of a controlled substance (LSD) as well as drug paraphernalia.

The sale of Marijuana-laced brownies and similar concoctions has been going on for years an has been made worse by the recent legalization of Marijuana in various states. Nevertheless, Delaware and most other states have prohibited the use marijuana or any of edible products given that it has been associated with many violent cases and fatal crushes.

 The possession of up to an ounce is decriminalized but only for personal use. The illegality of the drug in Nunn’s hometown of Washington, D.C now slaps now slaps him with a maximum of five year prison term which is one of the most severe charges of dealing in drugs.

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