Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Reports Deal With One Step Vending, Corp.

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) has finalized a deal, formalizing an association with One Step Vending, Corp., with a focus on the self-serve vending market. As per the deal, the company will create innovative hemp oil-based consumer offerings particularly or sale via One Step Vending, Corp.’s permitted, existing kiosks or micro markets around the nation. Hemp will also offer general industry specific business direction to One Step Vending, Corp, which will be done at the public level.

The details

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of Hemp, reported that One Step Vending, Corp. is getting real business offerings to the vending market with its micro-markets that are moving traditional vending machines. They are thrilled to create unique hemp oil-based offerings particularly for One Step Vending, Corp. and offering their expertise in manufacturing and producing both consumer and industrial hemp oil-based products.

Ultimately, this association will result in increased customer access of hemp oil-based offerings through self-serve kiosks in corporate offices across the nation. It is an extremely innovative distribution channel that will support the buzzing CBD market which is projected to hit $2.1 billion in customer sales by 2020.

By Hemp being entrenched in the industrial hemp division, with the leading operational versatile industrial hemp processing unit in the western hemisphere, the company possesses the ability to accommodate growing demand as the CBD market grows. Thus, there exists immense economic opportunities for Hemp and One Step Vending, Corp. Both the companies are presently collaborating on project programs, including costs, timeline, legalities and product design.

Daniel Garfinkel, the CEO of One Step Vending, expressed that Cannabinoid is a natural constituent of the hemp crop and has been demonstrated to have positive health advantages, without resulting in negative psychoactive effects. They consider this association with Hemp will allow them to create a powerhouse on the distribution aspect of Cannabinoid offerings and enable them to meet the growing demand for hemp oil-based offerings.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Reports First Educational Symposium Of The Hemp University

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) executives reported that The Hemp University’s first ever educational symposium is scheduled March 18, 2017 at company’s subsidiary unit, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, based in North Carolina. This educational seminar known as Farming HEMP for Profitâ„¢ will offer a certain step-by-step design” for farmers and landowners on how to grow, profit and sell from farming industrial hemp by utilizing real business principles and tactics.

The update

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of Hemp, reported that they are extremely thrilled about the planned educational symposium. They have been overwhelmed with inquiries since they initially reported ‘The Hemp University’ and they are nearly sold out for this initial symposium. It is a chance for landowners and farmers to interact and network with industry professionals on how to develop a profitable income source by increasing their per-acre crop revenue.

Hemp has obtained an outstanding lineup of professionals from few states all over the nation, including New York, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon and more for the upcoming university’s 2017 season. As per the recent update, for the initial educational symposium, industry professionals scheduled are Justin Hamilton, William “Wild Bill” Billings, Dani Billings and Dr. Michael Villa, with special guest speakers Fen Rascoe and Bob Crumley.

Billings is the co-founder of the popular Colorado Hemp assignment and a Colorado native with numerous Colorado’s largest family-owned and corporate farms. Billings owned the initial legal hemp harvest in the U.S., that was noted in a book by hemp advocate and author Doug Fine, titled Hemp Bound.

When inquired about his intent in establishing the Colorado Hemp Project, Billings said that it’s all about compassion and passion. He is passionate about driving the revival of the hemp market and deeply compassionate for all the adults and children with grave health issues that they know their firm’s products can help to heal.

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Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Records Successful Year Of Kenaf Harvest

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported its second successful Kenaf harvest from its subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, in North Carolina. Officials stated that the 420 acres of Kenaf have been cut and gathered and are now presently being baled. Trucks have now started carrying the kenaf to Hemp’s industrial hemp processing facility.

The buzz

David Schmitt, the COO of Hemp’s Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, stated that it is another remarkable achievement for firm. From seed and harvest, to paying the farmers, the 420-acre Kenaf plant epitomizes success. They are a part of local farming community and to continue recording revenue from something which has become a part, is encouraging.

Though Schmitt anticipates planting a massive hemp plant later this year, this year’s crop harvest, of almost 5 million pounds of Kenaf jointly yielded from numerous farmers in North Carolina, will result in a massive amount of revenue for company.

Kenaf is a yearly, non-wood fiber crop that is native to central Africa. Kenaf is a crop in the Malvaceae family also named Java jute and Deccan hemp. It has been associated to cotton and okra and usually grows 12 to 18 feet tall in a 6-month cultivation season. The raw fiber has been identified to cultivate well in numerous parts of the U.S. and has been stated an eco-friendlier means to make paper without axing trees.

This Kenaf plant being delivered to IHM represents almost a 70% jump from the initial year’s kenaf plant of only 150 acres. As per CEO of Hemp, Bruce Perlowin, the firm anticipates 700% plantage jump next year. This shows up to 50 farmers. Recording every step of the yield, the firm has a video that shows one of the trucks transporting almost 30,000 pounds of kenaf.

Perlowin added that he has been onsite and hands-on and it is an amazing journey for Hemp as well as for the local farmers.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Talks About The Industrial Hemp Industry

As yuletide celebrations and festive gatherings come to close, Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) executives are looking forward to this year, particularly since there were transformative developments made within the industrial hemp market in 2016. The industrial hemp market is all set to ring 2017 with Rhode Island’s Hemp Growth Act. This game changing act was implemented on January 1, 2017. Guidelines governing industrial hemp have evolved in 33 states.

The details

Hemp Growth Act was initially drafted so that the Narragansett Indian Tribe members could cultivate hemp. However, policymakers later widened the language to enable any licensed cultivator. Under the Hemp Growth Act individuals will be enabled to get a state license to grow hemp for things like food, clothing or other commercial offerings.

With the recently implemented Act, hemp is treated as an agricultural offering that may be legally cultivated, possessed, disseminated and commercially merchandized. The Department of Business Regulation is accountable for establishing regulations and rules for the regulation and licensing of hemp processors and growers.

The Department is authorized to approve any higher educational establishment in Rhode Island to handle or assist or grow in handling or cultivating industrial hemp for the objective of academic research or agricultural.

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of Hemp, said that now that increasing number of people are conscious of the advantages of hemp and more states are seeking the economic advantages of hemp interesting, hemp has become much sought after resource. However, till the time the federal ban is not lifted, the participants need to continue to instruct the public on hemp and its advantages.

Hemp is on the forefront directing the way. The flexible decortication plant is approaching completion and they anticipate the mill portion of it to be completely operational by the mid-month. Hemp has put itself at the keystone in the hemp industry.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Updates On The Industrial Hemp Industry

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) executives updated its investors on the buzzing industrial hemp industry across the world and how it is all set to fuel the economy on a global and national scale. Bruce Perlowin, the CEO, reported that ramping up hemp production on the U.S. soil, in specific, will serve as an incentive for numerous ancillary industries from logistics, marketing to packaging and distribution.

The industrial hemp industry results in a win-win for all. Yet, until the federal prohibition is lifted in the United States, supporters and establishments continue to instruct the public on hemp and its many benefits.

The details

Hemp CEO added that there’s a definite requirement for industrial hemp processing and manufacturing facilities and increased efforts for education. The company has the entire infrastructure in place to help meet these requirements. The hemp processing setup and mill operation is the sole facility of its magnitude in North America as well as in the entire western hemisphere with its area ranging to 70,000 square feet, on more than 9 acres in Spring Hope.

Hemp intends to commence holding informational and learning sessions at The Hemp University. With the commercial processing facility set in North America, the company has the capacity to process a massive amount of stalks and hemp fibers a year.

With this much processing capacity commercially, states in the U.S. can plant hemp on large scale without the concerns of processing. As per an article on, the quantum of industrial hemp planted last year across 15 states was as much as 10,000 acres. Now into its another growing season, Kentucky remains a pioneer for hemp’s revival in the U.S.

Virginia lately harvested its first hemp plant since the 1930s. Rhode Island approved a guideline permitting anyone in the state to lawfully cultivate hemp. In an attempt to kick-start its hemp market, Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture introduced a cost-share plan to help growers cover the expenses linked with hemp projects.


Why Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Joined Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCMKTS:REAC)?

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that it has finalized a Letter of Intent with Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCMKTS:REAC). According to this LOI, the latter will sell its Southern Hemp firm brand to Hemp. As part of the association, REAC will remain the manufacturer and Hemp will handle the retail businesses. Roger Ford, the REAC executive, will oversee the products manufacturing.

The experts speak

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of Hemp, stated that it is a thrilling prospect for company and they are looking forward to the association. The deal calls for the release of the initial 12 products, showcased by a Hemp infused moonshine. The initial 12 offerings will be accessible for purchase directly following the completion of the contract. The brand can be seen at This association intends to release at least 10 more offerings by 2Q2017.

Ford stated that it is a thrilling opportunity for Real Estate to work with a firm positioned at the keystone of the industrial hemp industry. They are also delighted to be able to work with Perlowin as he is an industry legend. According to Ford, Perlowin will plan the special limited edition of Hemp infused moonshine bottles. These bottles will be signed by Perlowin.

Hemp intends to benefit various constituencies following a “Cultural Creative” perspective, thus not endangering or exploiting any group. Perlowin is positioning the firm as a pioneer in the industrial hemp market, with an environmental and social mission at its core. Hence, the publicly traded firm believes in “up streaming” a part of its profits to its originator, in which certain cases will one day turn to be the American small farmer, growing sustainable, natural products as an intertwined piece of nature.

By Hemp focusing on comprehensive investment data, that is, pertaining to performance along with the related dimensions of planet, profits and people, this triple bottom line course can be a vital tool to boost its sustainability goal.

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