GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) To Conduct Cannabis Use And Awareness Seminars

GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) says it will unveil some new medical cannabis products in a matter of months. This business guru believes it is good to educate Louisiana pharmacists and physicians about the products. The company’s subsidiary GB Sciences Louisiana is making preparations to conduct educative seminars starting August. It will cooperate with the LSU AgCenter and several state-approved medical cannabis pharmacies in conducting the sessions.

The program

Louisiana’s medical cannabis program seeks to encourage more active participation of the pharmacists and physicians in the program. Those that have a direct touch with cannabis patients at the point of sale will find the program quite useful.

 The number of patients in need of cannabis products continues to rise with time because of the associated benefits. These patients will need to make a lot of consultations in order to understand the product better. The participating parties will be prepared adequately to answer all questions that might arise.

The President of GB Sciences Louisiana John Davis opines, “We want to help healthcare professionals understand the potency of our formulations, how to best recommend our products and the evidence-based approach that influenced and supports their design and use.”

Dr. Andrea’s thoughts

The Director of GB Sciences who is also its Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrea Small-Howard has spoken about the matter. He reveals that they will make presentations of the placebo-controlled human clinical trial data in a random way. The target will be to make an illustration of the safety of the products. Asides from that, they will also be about illustrating the medical cannabis-based therapies potential efficacy. Experts say that the products will have to adhere to the approved medical conditions in the state of Louisiana.

Tutorials will also focus on showcasing the recommended dosage and usage of new medical cannabis products. Dr. Small-Howard advises cannabis patients to start by taking low doses of the products initially. As time progresses, they will be free to increase the dose in bits until they achieve the desired level of relief. The official says that they will be welcoming more personalized approaches towards helping patients in need. According to him, the ingredients in the products have different effects on different patients.


GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) Submits Its Patent Application For Cannabis-Based Chronic Pain Treatments

GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) announced on Wednesday that its subsidiary GBS Global Biopharma, Inc. filed a patent application for its chronic pain formulations made using cannabis extracts.

The newly filed patent covers the proprietary cannabis-based formulations that are designed using functional assay data and molecular docking simulations. A lot of research and development is currently being poured into the pursuit of new pain treatments which might help curb opioids addiction and opioid-related deaths. 

Opioids are currently used to treat chronic pain but their major disadvantage is that they are highly addictive. More than 1.7 Million Americans are affected by opioid addiction and about 50,000 people die annually from opioid-related causes such as overdose. GB Sciences’ new patent for cannabis-based chronic pain treatment presents a chance to reduce and possibly eliminate the need for opioids.

“Unlike others who are narrowly focused on using a very limited number of cannabinoids for the treatment of pain, we embraced the complexity of whole-plant cannabis extracts,” stated Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, the Chief Science Officer at GBS.

GB Sciences’ patent promises to deliver pain relief alternatives without toxicity drawbacks

Dr. Andrea also noted that GBS developed complex combinations of TRP ligands that are based on Cannabis and can desensitize numerous TRP channels at the same time. The complex compounds are also designed to perform effectively while at the same time avoiding the numbness and neural toxicity that results from capsaicin-based pain relievers applied topically.

GBS has been working on the project together with its research partners from Chaminade University. They are the first to model the cannabidiol and myrcene putative TRPV1-binding sites. Cannabidiol and Myrcene are among the active ingredients that GBS includes in the chronic pain-targeting complex mixtures.

The development team also leveraged the information that they secured from the TRPV1-binding pockets to identify the pain-relieving advantages of the compounds. GB Sciences is one of the companies that have been carrying out cannabis-related research to solve some of the common health conditions. The recently filed patent therefore represents significant progress not only for the company but also for the cannabis industry and also the health sector.


GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) Associates With Cura Cannabis Solutions

In the last trading session, the stock price of GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) gained more than 22% to close the day at $0.8003. Among other updates, back in the month of October, the company reported that it has finalized a production deal with Cura Cannabis Solutions to produce premium quality cannabis oils and associated products using the company’s production license managed by its Cultivation Labs™.

The details

Currently the leading cannabis oil firm in Oregon with operations up and ongoing in Nevada and California, Cura Cannabis is the major provider of premium hemp oil and cannabis oil to the legal international and domestic markets, and is widely renowned in the industry for the product quality. The firm is famous for its Select CBD and Select Oil brands, providing different products that reach cannabis customers of all experience levels.

Cura Cannabis estimates oil sales and production in Nevada to be around 250,000 grams of oil a month at the outset, surging to around 500,000 grams a month over the imminent term. Nitin Khanna, the CEO of Cura Cannabis, reported that scale, deep domain expertise and quality are three major elements that goes into the success of their firm, and this association with GB Sciences exhibits a deal between two companies which are well positioned for what’s ahead in the buzzing regulated cannabis market. The CEO added that they look forward to associating together to advance premium products for Nevada. They have interesting plans for the future.

This production deal guarantees GB Sciences a fixed royalty on every gram yielded and offered under the deal, an enterprise which will offer company with a growing and significant monthly cash flow. The deal with Cura Cannabis also firmly institutes GB Sciences as a leading vertically integrated cannabis firm, adding oil production to its tissue propagation, distribution and cultivation capabilities.

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