Industrial Hemp Manufacturing LLC, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP), Fulfills a $1 Million Sales Agreement For – DrillWall

Industrial Hemp Manufacturing LLC (IHM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP), has entered a $1 million sales accord for its proprietary kenaf hemp blended natural loss circulation material (LCM) – DrillWall. LCM is aimed at the oil and gas drilling industries. The agreement is valid for one year.

IHM receives first payment of $30,000

Bruce Perlowin, Chief Executive Officer of Hemp, said its subsidiary IHM received the first payment of $30,000. It has shipped DrillWall in January 2020. Industrial Hemp has received the second payment of $60,000 on February 3, 2020, for the second batch of DrillWall. The company expects to ship material worth $90,000 this month and $150,000 worth DrillWall in March 2020. It will ship the balance material throughout the rest of 2020.

Non-toxic and non-soluble in water

IHM produces DrillWall and other industrial products in its manufacturing facility in Spring Hope, North Carolina. The LCM – DrillWall is manufactured using hemp cellulose and kenaf. It is non-toxic and non-soluble in water.

The biodegradable drilling fluid additive finds wide usage in oil field drilling applications. Major gas, oil, and water companies are using DrillWall. The product also acts as a lubricating agent and borehole stabilizer. It eliminates differential sticking. DrillWall plugs the leakages faster. It is economical, too, when compared to other LCM materials.

The demand for industrial hemp worldwide would reach $26.6 billion by the year 2025 from $4.6 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 34%. Bruce said the company will distribute LCM consistently throughout the contract period. The company is pleased with the growing interest in DrillWall. It is the best option for purchasers searching for non-toxic substitutes for their operations. IHM expects to generate more revenues through aggressive sales efforts.

Featured in the Kingman Daily Miner

Hemp Incis featured in a leading news source – the Kingman Daily Miner. According to the article published in The Kingman Daily Miner, Hemp Inc will silently introduce brick-and-mortar retail stores – The King of Hemp Store in Kingman, Arizona, in March 2020.

Products in The King of Hemp Store

Hemp Inc will sell products like hemp denim jeans, pants, conditioners, hemp shirts, handbags, purses, backpacks, jackets, shampoos, topicals, CBG, and CBD products through The King of Hemp Store.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Delivers A Working Solution To Trump’s Directive To Promote Rural Prosperity And Agriculture

It was today that Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) pronounced that Hemp, Inc.’s solid infrastructure was in the best state to start delivering solutions to President Donald Trump’s Executive Order which is basically about the promotion of Rural Prosperity and Agriculture in America.

Recent developments

The CEO of Hemp, Inc Bruce Perlowin opined, “We invite President Trump’s Task Force to come to North Carolina and visit Hemp, Inc.’s milling and decortication facility which Hemp, Inc. built from the ground up. The facility took 3 1/2 years and millions of dollars to complete.”

He added that President Trump had issued an order to the Task Force to start promoting agriculture in the ways it deemed best.

Perlowin believes it would be to the best interest of President Trump’s Task Force to pay a visit to Hemp, Inc.’s 70,000 multipurpose industrial hemp decortication and milling facility which is situated in Spring Hope, North Carolina.

The Task Force will also be entrusted with the identification of the legislative, regulatory, and policy changes to enhance energy security, technological innovation, and infrastructure improvements. On top of that will be the changes deemed crucial to the economic prosperity and quality of life in rural America. The expansion of educational opportunities for students in rural communities with a special focus on agricultural education has been praised by several market observers and well wishers.

The small family farms

The model small family farm and the Hemp University educational symposiums have helped much towards the attainment of the above set targets.

The original small family farms in America according to sources survived economically and the success has been closely linked to what the U.S leader is doing at the moment in organizing the Task Force.

If all moves according to plan, the large number of farmers will be trained on ways to grow the high CBD hemp plants, transform a barn into a cloning room to earn $500,000 a year as well as operate a greenhouse in the best way possible.

The move to start growing hemp as their main cash crop is a timely move considering the decision to legalize the use of the product in several states across the U.S.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS: HEMP) Applauds Illinois Senate & Oklahoma Govt For Legalizing Hemp; Invites Bulk Purchasers To Buy Hemp Biomass

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP), the world leader in the production of industrial hemp has applauded Illinois Senate for legalizing industrial hemp in The Prairie State. Prior to that the company also appreciated Mary Fallin of Oklahoma Government for signing a legislation allowing the local farmers to cultivate and harvest hemp. The American company with the largest multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in the Western hemisphere has now invited the bulk hemp biomass purchasers to secure their supply of the production.

The invitation is mostly addressed to those companies that use CBDs in their product line. Lately, companies have started using CBD hemp biomass for the production of CBD isolate and CBD distillate and these companies can certainly benefit monetarily if they secure the supply of hemp biomass in bulk. These two CBD products are the mainstay of the myriad CBD-based products that are currently being marketed by the large group companies in the CBD industry.

HEMP Wants To Be The Significant Supply Source For Hemp Biomass

According to the CEO of HEMP, Bruce Perlowin the potential buyers are on the lookout for a reliable and significant supply source that can be easily integrated into their pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations and HEMP can play a major role in this. Perlowin stated, “Hemp, Inc. has the largest industrial hemp multipurpose processing facility and milling operation in the western hemisphere and we will be growing up to 25,600 acres of industrial hemp this year.”

It comes to around 40 square miles of industrial hemp that the company will be selling in the form of hemp biomass to the large-scale CBD-based product manufacturers. The Nevada-based company is currently eyeing the Fortune 500 companies which are a huge market. These companies are on the verge of adding CBD product-line to their product profile.

Illinois & Oklahoma Legalize Industrial Hemp

In 2014, Illinois legislature passed a bill allowing the farmers to grow hemp for research purposes. But the latest bill passed on April 24, 2018, has taken the movement a step further and now allows the farmers to not only grow industrial hemp but also permits the development of different commercial and industrial products from it.

Just a day before the passing of this bill, the Oklahoma government created the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program on April 23, 2018, with the hope that it will help revive the struggling economy of the state.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) To Grow Up To 25,000 Acres Of Industrial Hemp In 2018

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that the firm is set to cultivate up to 25,000 acres of industrial hemp in 2018, thus making North Carolina the epicenter of the Industrial Hemp market. As per company representatives, this area to be cultivated is more than the quantity that the entire country cultivated last year alone. This significant amount of acreage is projected to improve farmer profitability and support the overall economy by paving up way for new revenue streams in the segment for buyers and farmers looking for premium quality products.

The buzz

Bruce Perlowin, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hemp, reported that North Carolina is quickly turning into the ‘Epicenter of the Industrial Hemp Market’ with organizations across the state claiming their part in the cannabis and hemp industries and immense educational opportunities. They are also seeing more firms focus on certain niches. For instance, Founder’s Hemp, a North Carolina based firm has introduced a line of beauty offerings intended at customers of color. North Carolina is even base to the single Hemp University that helps participants add profitable and viable income streams by increasing their per-acre crop revenue.

Due to the remarkable success of Hemp’s Hemp University Master Grow Team, a grow consulting segment has been set to further the University’s objective to help farmers and landowners incorporate hemp into their plant rotation. Hemp University’s consulting segment, “Hemp University Grow”, emphasizes on the advancement of grow room facilities, outdoor hemp farming, greenhouses and cannabidiol extraction operations.

Famous as the Mastery Grow Team, this group of hemp growers gets the benefit of distinct resource sharing and operational synergies. Hemp University’s professional staff helps prevent cultivators from imbalances and costly mistakes that can reduce yield, consistency and quality. The seventh educational symposium was planned to be held on March 10, 2018.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) View On Sessions’ Stance On Cannabis

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) executives responded to the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ verdict to withdraw the Cole memo that resulted in a marijuana stock sell-off. Bruce Perlowin, the CEO, expressed that in any way, Sessions’ view on cannabis does not comprise industrial hemp and it certainly doesn’t include kenaf. With 18 million pounds of kenaf in inventory and around 2 million pounds of kenaf to be reaped early this year, the company executives are not concerned about their supply chain or any pot pushback by the federal government.

The details

The CEO of Hemp expressed that shareholders have nothing to fear about. Hemp announced in a recent press release that it is processing its initial two purchase orders, that is a truckload of kenaf fiber and other of its kenaf LCM. This were not two truckloads of recreational pot and also, this were not two truckloads of medical pot. The two truckloads were not even of industrial hemp. It was a single truckload of kenaf LCMs that’s being shipped to Texas and another of kenaf fiber that’s sent to New Jersey.

Hence no matter how Sessions pot obsession plays out, Hemp is a safe bet for anyone hesitant or concerned about this new advancement. As an international leader in the industrial hemp market, with the leading multi-purpose industrial hemp processing plant in the western hemisphere, the company is as certain of an investment as it was before unpopular new war led by Sessions’ on the pot industry was reported.

This stance is shared by several others in the industrial hemp market. Whole Foods Magazine posted an article, focusing on what Sessions stance on marijuana implies for CBD, Hemp, and it states Sessions’ decision should not impact enterprises that are hemp-based. Sessions withdrawing the Cole memo applies to pot related firms, not hemp companies.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Focus Remains On Making America Hemp Again

The objective at Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) is to make America Hemp again, so they are extremely thrilled by the recent developments in law across the U.S. and other state-wide developments in favor of an industry that can result in profitable income streams not only for states, but also for farmers and landowners.

The details

California will make place in the group of Alaska, Colorado, DC, Oregon, Washington and Nevada as the sixth state to begin approving local businesses to sell marijuana to adults. The challenge for marijuana products is stellar. Colorado has by now brought in revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars. The amount of revenue that California will record, it still remains to be seen. It will probably be the biggest tax windfall the market has witnessed to date. Industrial hemp is no varied in respect of the amount of revenue that it can record in. Hemp is leading firm on that wave.

The CEO of Hemp stated that the company has implemented five distinct infrastructure units as their focus remains on the industrial hemp sector. These five segments are Marketing Infrastructure, Hemp Education Infrastructure, Hemp Farming Infrastructure, Hemp Oil Extraction Infrastructure and Industrial Hemp Manufacturing & Processing Infrastructure. All these five key segments will be highlighted in the firm’s upcoming new website. All the details are set to be updated soon.


The CEO of Hemp added that they intend to drive home to their shareholders that they have extremely lucid infrastructure units in action that have formed a strong platform for development, now and into the imminent period. While always following rigorously to their discipline on transparency with their shareholders and the public, they are resolutely set to these infrastructure divisions. They are of view that their first core infrastructure units outline firm’s operations, and permit them to allocate time and funds, strategically, to lead shareholder value.

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