Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Achieves Phenomenal Growth In 2019

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has reported a robust growth of 960% in 2019 when compared to 2018. It has posted revenues of $1.631 million hitting the set target of between $1.5 million and $2 million.

Key achievements

Kona Gold has inaugurated 30,000 Sq. Ft. Distribution Center in South Carolina. The company also entered into distribution accords with more than sixty distributors in thirty-six states. It has introduced innovative products and extended existing brands. Kona Gold hemp energy drinks accounted for 70% of the revenues in 2019. HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and StormCBD Waters accounted for the revenues of 21% and 2% respectively. Apparel and shipping revenues contributed 7% to the overall revenues in 2019.

Key hires and innovative products contribute to the growth

Chief Executive Officer of Kona Gold, Robert Clark said the company is pleased to bring to the notice of its shareholders about its phenomenal growth of 960% in 2019. It has successfully met the revenue projections set for 2019. Few companies report this type of record growth. One of the key contributors to this exponential growth includes key hires in 2019 and the unveiling of innovative products that suit the needs of customers. It has become a leading player in CBD functional beverages and hemp space. The company expects to continue the same growth trend in 2020.

The US economy and the global economy are experiencing turbulent times because of coronavirus spread across the world. However, Kona Gold along with its subsidiaries is fully operational. Kona Gold expects to achieve tremendous growth in 2020 too and yearns to become a national brand.

Signs an LOI to takeover Flo Beverages, LLC

Kona Gold has signed a letter of intent to take over Flo Beverages, LLC, which is situated in Longwood, Florida. The company expected to close the deal in 30 days. Established in 2015, Flo Beverages made an entry into the market with SoFlo organic energy drinks. It has grown quickly and conducts business out of 3,000 Sq. Ft. Long Wood, Florida.

Unveils organic Ketogenic Energy Drink

Kona Gold has unveiled an organic Ketogenic Energy Drink – LiKuid in three flavors. The company distributes innovative organic energy drink in Puerto Rico and Florida.


Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Enters Distribution Deal With Alabev

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has today disclosed details about its new deal with AlaBev.This business partner operates from Alabama, and it has agreed to distribute Kona’s products in the state.

The benefits of the agreement

This is an important move for Kona Gold, which will have its wide-ranging drinks sold in Alabama.

AlaBev has always been an objective company engaging in importation and the direct store delivery business activities. Some of the products it has been distributing include spirits, cider, beer, wine, spirits, and free alcoholic beverages. Its performance in the State of Alabama has been impressive. The business giant has been here for over 100 years, and most of the time, it has been vibrant.

Kilpatrick’s perspective

AlaBev Matt Kilpatrick, who is the current CEO of AlaBev, likes the progress made so far. He thinks that this is a higher notch for the beverage sector considering the important changes sweeping across. For instance, science and innovation are resulting in major impressive changes. He likes it that brands like Kona Gold now have the opportunity to make a triumphant entry into the markets. They have taken up the deal and won’t be looking back. The official looks forward to brighter times ahead. He expresses confidence that the products from Kona will be received quite well by customers.

Clark’s thoughts

The CEO of Kona Gold Solutions Robert Clark is the other leader that has spoken concerning the developments. He says that it is a good thing that they have the chance to expand their market share within the beverage segment.

He looks forward to supporting the company in its quest to partner with leading distributors such as AlaBev. This official says that he considered this distributor’s experience before deciding to partner with it in business. He is optimistic that the company will have a lot to gain from the deal.

Kona Gold has been observing high standards in coming up with its diverse products. These products will be available in various stores throughout Alabama. Business dynamics are fast-changing, and it is good to move with the times. It seeks to resort to all the available means in sharpening its competitive edge. The company’s team has been showing a lot of dedication, and this will also help a great deal.


CEO Of Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Unveils Kona Pink Hemp Energy Drink in 12.0 oz Can

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has announced the launch of Kona Pink Hemp Energy Drink in 12.0 oz cans. The company entered a pact with a non-profit organization – American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), which developed a beautiful 12.0 oz can for the new energy drink. Kona Gold will donate a portion of the sales of new energy drinks to ABCF to help support awareness about breast cancer, screening, and support services. Undeserved and uninsured individuals would benefit from the financial support of Kona Gold for breast cancer treatment.

Launch in the breast cancer awareness month

The launch perfectly coincides with the breast cancer awareness month – October. The customers can purchase Kona Pink Hemp Energy drinks from its website and also from Amazon’s online store. Kona Gold already started shipping the energy drinks to its distributors. The company will take part in various events related to improving awareness about breast cancer in October.

Chief Executive Officer of Kona Gold, Robert Clark, is pleased to introduce a new hemp energy drink, which is developed using pink grapefruit flavor. He said the consumers would be enthralled with the tasty Hemp energy drink in a beautifully designed 12.0 oz can. The company is fortunate to associate with a non-profit organization – ABCF and take part in a breast cancer awareness campaign. It is also exciting to provide financial support to ABCF to treat uninsured breast cancer patients.

Appoints Director (National Sales)

Kona Gold has announced the appointment of Director (National Sales) and Chief Financial Officer. Paul O’Renick, Director (National Sales), and Lori Radcliffe, CFO, will join the company on October 1 and October 8, respectively. After experiencing excellent sales growth in 2019, Kona Gold filled the new vital positions to augment its growth further.

Kona Gold introduces Storm CBD Water

Kona Gold introduced Storm CBD Water across the nation as part of its expansion in the CBD beverage market. High Alkaline water – Storm CBD is available in 1-liter bullet bottles, and each comprises 20 mg of Cannabidiol isolate. It has started shipping Storm CBD to its existing distribution channels in the US. The consumers can buy Storm CBD water from its HighDrate website.

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Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Selects An Experienced Distributor H & M Wagner & Sons Foodservice For Mid-Atlantic Region And Approaching Record Revenues Of $600,000 in Q2 2019

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has selected an experienced and family-owned distributor: H & M Wagner & Sons Foodservice for the distribution of its flagship products in the mid-Atlantic region. The Maryland based distributor has built a long-lasting relationship with employees and customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, with over 58 years of experience.

Family experience with quality products

H&M Wagner is a leading player in the food service beverage and offers 7202 Coffee and Tea, Soda and Juice, Passion Bay Daiquiris, and bag-in-box. The company is a pride to provide the customers with the assortments they need. The customers are delighted to receive locally produced and sourced products and nationally recognized brands of over 10,000 from the warehouse of H&M Wagner. It offers a unique experience to the customers by delivering quality products at reasonable rates. The distributor creates a family feeling experience to the customers.

Distribution in 6 states

Vice President (Sales) of Kona Gold, Chris Selinger said the company is pleased to enter a distribution accord with H&M Wagner. It is great to add H&M Wagner to its distribution portfolio in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With this new accord, the company has distribution capabilities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. H&M Wagner is an innovative, versatile, and progressive distributor having important relationships with several convenience store chains.

Record sales in May 2019

Kona Gold has reported excellent sales of more than $200,000 from HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks in May 2019. The company is on track to achieve revenues of $600,000, surpassing the projected revenues of $400,000 in Q2 2019.

Kona Gold has recently added Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks in two new flavors in May last week and extending the line to 7. The company expects to generate robust sales in June 2019 from the expected launch of the two new flavors of HighDrate CBD Energy waters and Kona Gold in the next two weeks. Kona Gold also plans to unveil Storm CBD High Alkaline Water later this month.

Chief Executive Officer of Kona Gold, Robert Clark said the company has improved market share and footprint in CBD beverage and Hemp and growing at a fast pace.


Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Selects New 16 Distribution Partners To Increase Market Share Of CBD And Hemp Infused Beverages

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has announced the selection of new partners in fourteen states for the distribution of its flagship products like CBD and hemp infused beverages.

The 16 new distributors are located in Nevada, Indiana, California, New York, Louisiana, New Mexico, Minnesota, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Washington. Kona Gold plans to enhance its footprint and market share in the CBD and hemp infused beverage sector with this new initiative. This is besides the existing partners in 24 states.

Exciting flavors

Kona Gold has announced the production of innovative and exciting flavors in CBD Energy products and Hemp Energy Drinks in early April 2019. The exciting flavors in Hemp Energy Drinks include Candy Apple and Bubble Gum. The company will include Blue Island Punch and Sour Apple flavors in the HighDrate CBD Energy Waters. It is on the backdrop of continued efforts over the past several months involving topnotch formulators from across the world to develop new flavors. New flavors will complement already successful flavors of Kona Gold. The energy water products in new flavors will hit the market in the 3rd to 4th week of May 2019.


Chief Executive Officer of Kona Gold, Robert Clark said the company is increasing its footprint in the market at a fast pace and surging revenues is an indicative of the growth. It has posted revenues of more than $260,000 in Q1. The company expects new orders from distribution partners along with repeat orders from major accounts including Kentucky Eagle and Huck’s. Kona Gold expects to post revenues of $400,000 in Q2 2019 following the launch of Storm CBD High Alkaline Water, and innovative flavors and repeat orders/ new orders.

Kona Gold has produced more than 10,000 cases the largest ever in a single month in April 2019. It expects the same momentum with new flavors in May 2019.

Kona Gold would introduce Storm CBD High Alkaline Water in late May 2019. The new product will be offered in 1.0 liter bullet bottles. Each bottle comprises 20 mg of CBD.

Vice President of Sales at Kona Gold, Chris Selinger said the company is committed to introduce the yummy and high quality hemp and CBD products in the market.


Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Signs Distribution Agreements With Carolina Coastal Beverage Milestone Beverage

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) closed the year 2018 on a positive note after securing distribution deals with Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage.

The CBD and hemp lifestyle brand revealed that it signed key distribution deals with Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage. The announcement highlights the company’s continued expansion in the Southeast United States region. The two distribution companies represent a strategic move for Kona Gold because they encompass more than 16 South Carolina counties.

“Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage gives Kona Gold two more strategic distribution partners,” stated Chris Selinger, Kona Gold’s VP of Sales.

Kona Gold wants to leverage Milestone Beverage AND Carolina Coastal’s strategic networks

Both Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage will distribute Kona Gold’s HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks. Selinger pointed out that the distribution territories of the two distribution companies will provide Kona Gold with significant exposure. He also noted that Milestone Beverage supplies products to more than 9,000 specialty outlets and convenience stores within their distribution radius.

Selinger believes that HighDrate CBD and Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks will be noteworthy additions to Milestone’s current product lineup. Meanwhile, Carolina Coastal caters to Myrtle Beach which is one of the largest tourist markets in the country. This puts Kona Gold at an advantageous position as far as exposure is concerned.

Kona Gold expects significant growth in 2019

Kona Gold anticipates its 2019 revenue figure to be anywhere between $1.5 -$2 million. This projection takes into account the firm’s current distribution channels as well as grocery chain deals, c-store chains deals, new distribution partners, product line extension and new products.

The company has also been working on an exciting sponsorship for 2019 as part of its growth strategy. Kona Gold has also added new talent to its workforce including d Michelle Motta who is the company’s new Accountant Administrator and Jazmin Gonzalez who is the new Office Manager. The firm expects to continue hemp and CBD revenue sales records and to tap into more growth in 2019. Kona Gold is optimistic that its product distribution deals will help facilitate those goals.

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