MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Submits Complaint Against Former COO

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported that all previously announced variable toxic debts have been settled via the unapproved conversion of the Crown Bridge note. The firm has filed a litigation against its ex and other defendants who have tried to create a competitive benefit with its anticipated product release of its air quality sensor named AeroDx®.

The details

On July 14, 2017, MyDx and its CEO Daniel Yazbeck, submitted a complaint against a series of Suspects who have supposedly engaged in biased business practices, made incorrect speeches about the firm, its offerings, and Yazbeck at investor events and on web investor platforms. As of now, there can be no assertion about the results of the lawsuit, still the firm took aggressive steps it thought were required to safeguard its business and its stakeholders.

AeroDx Sensors marks as the first of three expected versatile sensors to be introduced into the market and showcases the first versatile sensor to be utilized with the new launch of the MyDx 2.0 Analyzer introduced in May 2017. AeroDx is projected to measure key air quality aspects for cannabis and non-cannabis clients, to be interchanged with the CannaDx Sensors. Once they are inserted into the device, it becomes an air quality checker with the ability to detect VOCs such as Formaldehyde and Butane, present in the air. It can monitor temperature and humidity, which furthers aid in averting mold and germ growth.

On April 30, 2017, MyDx shared a payoff demand to Crown Bridge as required under the set terms of the loan contract. The firm agreed to repay the variable toxic convertible note that is remaining on its balance sheet before the prepayment deadline comes. Crown Bridge recorded the request and despite MyDx and its counsel’s recurrent payoff request, in the first week of July, Crown converted nearly $36,749 into approximately 14.699 million shares of MyDx’s common stock.


MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Boost Product Sales

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported that as a direct outcome of its recently introduced Canadian Product Marketing Campaign, it started getting increased sales orders from Canada. Moreover, it intends to hire outside sales agencies that will associate with company to increase product revenue on a commission basis.

The highlights

MyDx main focus remains on market awareness and business development measures so as to assist people Trust & Verify® consumption behavior with CannaDxTM, consider another delivery Smart Devices that has the prospective to limit abuse and increase safer use, and influence the ‘MYDX 360’ service to back access to crowdsourced design data for latest market entrants, licensed growers and Canadian biopharmaceutical firms.

The second goal was to back the LGBT community with the release of its Take Pride in Your High campaign. It completed so with notable mobile super boards at Gay Pride Parade. Further market awareness initiatives were seen across Vancouver and Ontario radio stations, highway super boards and taxi cab advertisements.

Finally, MyDx intends to hire experienced outside sales firms with limited experience who have recorded success in selling technical items for top brands in mass markets. The company’s strategic goal is to extend its sales channel measures internationally beyond its existing direct to customer sales source, which has been the main source of its sales so far through and

Daniel Yazbeck, the CEO of MyDx, reported that with the help of the seasoned advertising, sales and branding agencies, they have considerably strengthened their ability and brand to expand into new sales and marketing channels. Over the imminent several months, they will mainly focus on big Canadian retailers and look partners with a robust network of licensed cultivators. Together this with their recent fiscal progress, where company recorded positive cash flow in the first quarter of this year, the focus will continue to be on capitalizing market momentum.


MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Reports Successful Quality Control And Assurance Screening Of MyDx 2.0 Units

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported that the first batch of MyDx 2.0 1,000 units were successfully pull together and passed a difficult QA/QC screening procedure in its Silicon Valley production facility. With a host of new upgrades and features, MyDx 2.0 is comprised of more than 200 individual components, supported by more than 50 patents, that are pieced together with the best quality standards in mind. The latest units will meet orders on backlog and resupply stock reserves.

The updates

Robert Vigil, the VP of Software Engineering, reported that they have streamlined their QC software to expedite their QC testing processes and enhance overall quality control of units coming to consumers. This along with updated hardware and software will help them further instill confidence in their technology with the crowd.

To boost the sales of its new offering, MyDx plans to execute a new marketing plan to increase brand exposure and communicate company’s value proposition to the masses. The firm is working with its consultants on the course to deploy strategy in the best possible way.

Vigil added that the MyDx One iOS 4.0 Application considerably enhances the performance and speed of its predecessor and enables for further improvements without the requirement for consumers to download an application update. The MyDx team is in the middle of the advancement of its next-gen software, which will mark its launch on the Android Platform, which has commenced to surpass new iOS guest and registered users.

MyDx has advanced its data analytics and accumulation capabilities by enhancing quality and increasing the size of its database and improving related analytics and software algorithms. The net product is enhanced overall device and mobile application performance as well as increased accuracy of cannabinoid value detection among high cannabinoid strains. MyDx 2.0 has the latest firmware and hardware developments from its unique R&D department.


MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) To Release AeroDx Sensors

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) to release AeroDx Sensors and related Mobile App 4.0. AeroDx Sensors are anticipated to detect air quality in its environment utilizing the MyDx 2.0 device, confirm air quality and control in cannabis growing facilities and provide a check for residual diluters in cannabis oils.

The company made a suite of enhancements to MyDx 1.0, which will extraordinarily advance current capabilities, comprising enhancement in the comprehensive performance. It will qualify the first of three projected imminent sensor unveilings in AeroDx, which will quantify major air quality factors for non-cannabis and cannabis clients, to be interchanged easily with the CannaDx Sensors.

The buzz

AeroDx Sensors comes in the list of three expected sensors to be released into the market and showcases the first versatile sensor to be utilized with the MyDx Analyzer with uses beyond cannabis. Once AeroDx Sensors are put into the MyDx Device, it becomes a tester with the ability to identify Volatile Organic Compounds such as Butane, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Methane and other detrimental chemicals, like Carbon Dioxide, existent in the air. It can monitor humidity and temperature, which can help in preventing germ and mold growth.

New MyDx 2.0 handheld equipments will be retrofitted with new firmware and hardware upgrades to permit for new sensors to be swapped effortlessly with the CannaDx Sensor. Current clients under the MyDx Care plan can dispatch their units into MyDx to be advanced free of costs. The interchangeability of the upcoming sensors in the equipment offers a level of testing versatility.

MyDx has developed its analytics capabilities and data accumulation by improving the quality and increasing the size of its database and enhancing associated analytics algorithms and software. The net product is improved overall mobile app and device performance as well as increased accuracy of CBD value discovery among high cannabinoid strains.


MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Launches Latest MYDX 2.0

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported a suite of upgrades to MyDx 1.0, which will remarkably advance current capabilities, including enhancement in the overall performance. Also, for the first time, it will enable the first of three expected imminent sensor launches in AeroDx, which will measure major air quality parameters for non-cannabis and cannabis customers, to be interchanged effortlessly with the CannaDx Sensors.

The details

MyDx sold out of its inventory in the first quarter on greater than projected demand for chemical analyzers and later ordered 1,000 pieces retrofitted with the 2.0 version upgrades. The latest units have almost 200 gears to its bill of materials and are presently undergoing final assembly/QC/QA in its manufacturing facility in California.

The pieces will be able to put up multiple sensors and develops the device to the next-gen of testing capabilities. Q1 sales together with customer deposits and back-orders outdid the same period in the preceding year and the firm looks forward to meeting increased demand for its offerings.

MyDx is the approved Handheld Chemical Analyzer to the growing cannabis market by MassRoots. Cannabis customers have no clue of what they’re consuming or buying because of the lack of execution of standardized industry practices that have diluted QC/QA in the market. This represents a grave public safety concern and it could be understood that the industry is involved in misleading and false advertising.

To simplify the existing public safety issue that occurs, consider the following instance. If plan is to replace Xanax with a specific cannabis chemical profile to remove Anxiety, then in order to approve that “prescription” a MyDx device is required to ensure getting the proper chemical mix and dosage.

If a physician prescribes Xanax dose of 0.5mg and without proper tracking and labeling, 25mg of Xanax is sold, it would be a grave public health and safety risk. And this is where the current environment in the cannabis market where having a MyDx device can offer a higher level of assurance being consumed.


MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) Launches New Product Offering

MyDx Inc (OTCMKTS:MYDX) reported a new service product in MyDx360, a SAAS-based community engagement base intended to assist entrepreneurs develop, introduce and track the impact of newly formulated concentrated offerings on consumers to support target markets penetration more effectively.

The details

As part of the new service, firms will select from among MyDx’s numerous chemical formulations that align with the diseases its target demographic is looking to alleviate. From that point, the company will outsource the supply of those formulations via approved concentrate manufacturing centers and offer customer-engagement support through its SAAS platform to buy and assess user feedback. Collectively, this set of services will be termed MyDx360.

Select from MyDx’s record of targeted formulas and select an intensity level from low, medium and high. Further customization prevails for premium contracts. The company will send these specifications to one of its preferred concentrate manufacturing associates. As the brand launches is released in the market, the firm will able to engage client base and gather feedback using the MyDx App. As feedback is collected, MyDx will provide offer insights that can then be utilized to fine tune product development, marketing and sales plans.

The objective of MyDx360 is three-fold, that is, bridge the association gap between consumers and firms; support real-time feedback to assist firms respond to rapidly changing market trends; and offer nuts to soup coverage of formulated-concentrates.

MyDx360 will provide its consumers different levels of support depending on its status level in the subscription contract. For instance, premium and standard subscribers will gain access to different levels of data analyses and formula customization to support their product and business development plans.

MyDx reported that MyDx360 will provide seamless market entry to ambitious entrepreneurs and brands by restructuring the procedure by which they develop formulated-concentrates and then offer them with a feedback ecosystem connecting consumers with brands.

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