Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) Is On Track To Exceed The Revenue Guidance Of $150 Million In 2019: Pipette Punecane Sweetener Baby Care Receives Wide Acceptance

Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) reported GAAP revenues $35 million in Q3 2019.  It is an increase of 144% when compared to the same period in 2018. Chief Executive Officer and President of Amyris, John Melo, said the company is excited to post record revenues in Q3. It is continuing to double the product revenues year-on-year and expects to exceed the revenue guidance of $150 million this year.

Overcomes capital challenges

Amyris can overcome capital challenges and manage the business to satisfy the growing demand across its core products. The company expects to overcome the capital challenges with NASDAQ compliance and filing with SEC. It aims to maintain consistency in growth in the coming quarters and expand the margins.

Pipette baby care improves engagement

Amyris’s Biossance brand redefines consumer expectations for sustainable, clean, and high performing skincare. Pipette baby care and Purecane sweetener receive wide acceptance from the customers. The company manufactured these products using purest ingredients. Both the brands are receiving outstanding product ratings from the consumers. 

Introduces Biossance brand in New Zealand

Amyris already introduced Biossance brand in New Zealand and Australia and continuing the global expansion. It expects to post growth in revenues considering several Sephora stores and an improved footprint worldwide. Sephora also launched Biossance brand in the Thailand and South Korean markets. The company started the fourth quarter with a great promise and is on track to meet the guidance of $150 million in 2019.

The company is advancing the cannabis development program at a fast pace and expects product samples and formulation in early 2020. Amyris is confident of introducing cannabinoids in 2020. The company expects to post considerable revenues and royalties upon commercialization of these cannabinoids. Amyris expanded collaboration accords with China-based Yifan. The company also mobilized funds to meet the working capital needs and achieve revenue growth. John Doer is extending the financial support to Amyris. It refinanced the toxic convertible notes.

Amyris entered pacts with two accredited investors to buy its CVI Heights convertible notes on November 11, 2019, and exchanged convertible senior notes privately for $66 million. It expects to complete the transactions and issue new notes by November 12, 2019. 


Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) Unveils The Financial Highlights For Its First Half 2019

Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) has today given highlights of how it has been performing over the first half of 2019. The market will close on Wednesday, and shortly after, the business guru will hold a conference call. It will take advantage of this conference call to undertake a review of its business and financial results.

The turn of events in business

Apart from this, the company says it has also filed its Form 10-K for the previous year. The next step will be to file its Form 10-Qs for this year, and it will be for both the first and second quarters. This should happen before the conference call to be held on Wednesday. An official working with the company says it is important for them to complete these delinquent SEC filings. This is a way for them to comply with the Nasdaq listing rules.

Amyris President, who is also the CEO, is happy with this year’s financial results. According to him, the company has witnessed an impressive first-half. He thanks the teams in the company for their dedication. These teams have delivered greater volumes, and this has worked well towards attending to the fast-rising demand. The company official says that it means quite much for them to exceed their set business expectations.

He opined, “Our $300 million cannabinoid development collaboration is also exceeding our expectations. We are now on track to be the first company to produce multiple cannabinoids at commercial scale that are fermentation derived in 2020.”

A focus into the future

In the upcoming conference call, the company intends to do several things. The first one would be to discuss all aspects of its financial results. Secondly, it will give updates on its business outlook this year. Thirdly, it will discuss the way forward in terms of its ability to achieve even better results in the future.

A lot of the shareholders have been looking forward to seeing the company issue out its customary release earings. A person well conversant with the matter, but who wanted his identity kept anonymous says the company won’t be doing any such thing.

Amyris is set to unveil its financial results for both the first and the second quarter of this year. It is going to do that through the Form 10-Qs filing.


Amyris Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRS) Launches Seven Baby Care Product of the Pipette Brand

Amyris Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRS) has today announced the official launch of Pipette, which is a clean baby care brand that aims to provide children the best start.

Pipette revolutionizing clean beauty

In 2016 the company launched its first consumer brand, Biossance, with clean and sustainable skincare products formulated through the latest biotechnology. Since its launch, Biossance has brought to the market the best performing skincare products, and it continues to set the bar for clean beauty.

Due to demand from parents seeking better performing and safe products for children, the company conceived the Pipette brand. This is a new brand that is reinventing clean personal care for babies through formulations using the least possible ingredients in their purest form. Amyris is disrupting the clean beauty space with is a breakthrough baby care brand Pipette that supports and nurtures the most delicate skins.

Pipette launches seven baby care products

Following the launch, the company will offer seven baby care products. They include Shampoo & Wash, Wipes and Balm for baby, Lotion, Oil as well as Belly Butter and Oil for pregnant mothers and postpartum moms. Customers can purchase the products online at for now. The company plans to make the products available in the coming weeks at,, (NASDAQ: AMZN), and Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT).

buybuy Baby President Glen Cary stated that they were delighted to be the exclusive omnichannel retailer for the Pipette brand. He added that the retailer is a trusted destination for the best-in-class baby products. Cary said that the addition of Pipette’s care products to their portfolio is a significant milestone.

Pipette president, Caroline Hadfield stated that the brand is raising the bar for clean baby care products. She added that the company’s millennial consumers are becoming parents, and they are seeking safer and cleaner options for their kids. The president said that the conception of Pipette was out of the growing need for safer, nontoxic products that scientifically protect babies’ skin. Brand partner Rosie Huntington-Whiteley said parents don’t want products that can harm them and their kids.


Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) Receives Notice From Nasdaq For Not Keeping Time

Amyris Inc (NASDAQ:AMRS) may have seen the standard notice from the Nasdaq coming! However, it seems like the business guru wasn’t prepared for it since it was shaken a great deal.

Amyris skips deadline

The body, in its report, outlined that the business was no longer in compliance with its Listing Rule 5250(c)(1). The rule provides that all the listed companies make a timely filing of their periodic financial reports. The business skipped the deadline for filing its report with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Amyris says the focus on the development of top-notch ingredients for the Health & Wellness market has been challenging. The business says these challenges might have played a part. The rest of the companies had filed their annual reports on Form 10-K in good time. This was of course for the year ended December 31, 2018. The company didn’t also comply in line with the quarter ended March 31, 2019. It should also have filed a timely quarterly report on the Form 10-Q.

Nasdaq and its governing rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission just like the rest of the organizations around the globe, is governed by some rules. The body has over the years been advocating for companies to do things the right way to avoid being penalized or other serious consequences.

The NASDAQ notice is a red flag for the company. However, as per this particular moment, it doesn’t yet pose any immediate effect on it and its business operations. The listing or trading of the company’s stock goes on as usual. That is of course on the listing or trading of the Global Select Market of NASDAQ.

In light of the rules governing the listing segment on NASDAQ, Amyris should have submitted its plan in time. To be able to regain compliance was supposed to have acted by June 3, 2019. Lucky enough for the business giant, it had already written down its plan, and the body had also accepted it.

Amyris says it will focus on its goal to achieve compliance. If all moves as per the plan, by September 30, 2019, it will have accomplished everything. It was just the other day that the company held talks with several auditors whom it wanted to assist it in the filing of the compliance.

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