AXIM Biotechnologies Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:AXIM) Latest CBD Gum Purchase Order Takes Orders To $900,000

Axim Biotechnologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:AXIM) has announced that they have received a seventh private label purchase order for the company’s proprietary CBD chewing gum in the past five months. The purchase order equals products sales of chewing gum of around $900,000.

Growing reordering a result of increase in global demand

Following the latest purchase orders the company has experienced a positive increase in sales as well as growth in its nutraceutical division which has thus increased its revenue. The CBD market is growing fast and it is estimated to be around $22 billion globally by 2022. This represents huge business opportunities for AXIM and its CBD-based chewing within the US market and beyond.

John W. Huemoeller II the AXIM CEO stated that the company’s patented cannabinoid based chewing gum which is produced with full-spectrum hemp CBD oil has been received exceptionally by consumers. There has been an increase in reordering form the company’s customer who wants to keep up with the pace of global demand for the CBD gum.

The CEO further indicated that AXIM is in the process of building out its nutraceutical division and with increase in global demand the company is confident that its unique product line as well as addition of other new products will enhance consumer demand. AXIM expects that with growing consumer demand the company will receive more purchase orders throughout 2019 and going into the future.

AXIM creating a niche in the CBD market

The company is creating a niche market for itself with its patent on CBD chewing gums alongside the patents for oral compositions that they acquired recently that contain CBD and topical cream. The chewing gum that is formulated with full-spectrum oil through the AXIM’s proprietary manufacturing technology that creates enhances the delivery mechanism thus improving absorption and bioavailability.

AXIM deals with research and development of CBD-based nutraceutical products and pharmaceuticals. They have a strong intellectual property portfolio and currently the company is focused on development of clinical programs that will enhance efficacy of the products while lowering side effects.


Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) Enters Into A Pact With Impression Healthcare Ltd For the distribution of AXIM® Biotech products

Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) has entered into a pact with Impression Healthcare Ltd (IHL) to distribute all of the AXIM® Biotech products in New Zealand and Australia.

As per the terms of the pact, both the firms will engage in developing new products for the phase 1 and pre-clinical trials. The new products – oral rinse liquids will be studied for the treatment of strep throat, oral mucositis, gum disease, and oral infections.

IHL will closely work with Axim Biotechnologies for licensing as well as the distribution of cannabinoid based products in New Zealand and Australia.

CEO of Axim Biotechnologies, George E. Anastassov said it is essential for the company to capture overseas markets to promote growth. IHL will seek the help of pharmaceutical consultants to complete the marketing and regulatory approvals for Axim Biotechnologies products in New Zealand and Australia.

According to Anastassov, collaborative development of innovative products as well as obtaining regulatory approvals will help to expand into the new markets rapidly. The new markets will bring in potential patients and support preventative health.

Mr. Troy Valentine, chairman of IHL, is very happy to collaborate with the Axim Biotechnologies on a wide range of products. It also helps to share the several years of experience and knowledge in the medical cannabis space.

The MedChew® Rx will be subjected to clinical trial to find the effectiveness to cure spasticity and pain in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Axim Biotechnologies Inc Signs License and Distribution Accord with Revive Therapeutics Ltd (OTCMKTS:RVVTF)

Axim Biotechnologies Inc has announced the signing of an exclusive license and distribution accord with Revive Therapeutics Ltd (OTCMKTS:RVVTF).

Revive will play a vital role in obtaining the regulatory approval for the controlled release and proprietary chewing gum, which consists of hemp oil derived CBD. As per the terms of the accord, Revive has a minimum purchase amount every year.

Anastassov said the company is working with new distribution partner – Revive to position Revive and Axim in the flourishing Canadian market. It helps to satisfy the demand for good quality CBD products. The Canadian legal cannabis industry is expected to generate sales of more than $4 billion in the first year itself.


Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) Makes Entry Into The Canadian Market

Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) and Revive Therapeutics Ltd have signed an exclusive distribution and license agreement. Revive Therapeutics is a Canadian cannabis companies focused on research, development and marketing of novel cannabis products and therapies.

Terms of the agreement

Under the agreement, Revive Therapeutics will be in charge of distributing and selling Axim Biotechnologies unique unique cannabidiol (CBD)-containing nutraceutical product in the Canadian cannabis market. This agreement further defines the relationship between the two companies in which Revive will apply for regulatory approvals to be the main supplier of AXIM® Biotech’s proprietary, controlled-release functional chewing gum. These chewing gums are made with full-spectrum hemp oil-derived CBD. According to the agreement, Revive will have an annual purchase minimum, which will increase by a certain percentage every year.

In a statement, AXIM® Biotechnologies CEO George E. Anastassov said that the two companies have a close working relationship. He says the two companies have worked together to enter into the robust Canadian cannabis market. According to George, the entry into Canada has been motivated by the fact that there is a big increase in the demand for premium-quality CBD products.

He added that they are happy to finally launch their nutraceutical products into Canada and they are optimistic that the move will help expand the market and create a new revenue stream for the two companies.

A report by Deloitte, the Canadian cannabis industry has the ability to generate more than $4 billion in sales in the first year. Additionally, Deloitte has also projected that the total consumption of cannabis product will go up by 58%.

Axim® Biotechnologies Announces Positive Results From Tests On Medchew Rx

In other news, Axim has announced positive outcome from stability and dissolution tests carried out on MedChew Rx®, the company’s prime drug candidate. The product is scheduled to undergo clinical studies for pain relief and spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients.

Results have indicated that the primary Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in MedChew Rx™ remained active and stable throughout the whole test. There was also more than 90% availability of APIs.


Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) Secures Patent For Extraction And Purification Of Delta-9-THC For Use In Medchew RX Clinical Program

Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) has been issued with a Notice of Allowance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a methodology of extraction and purification of the cannabinoid molecule delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is commonly referred to as THC. The Notice of Allowance was issued after the USPTO determined that AXIM’s patent application had been approved.

Producing pure THC molecules

The application is for a process that allows the company to produce purified molecules of THC, which are then used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in many of its products that are currently being researched on. The products are meant to address several conditions and come in several pharmaceutical formats. Axim mainly uses its functional chewing gum delivery system.

Of importance however is the fact that the company intends to use this process in extracting THC, which will then be used in its MedChew® RX program. The program is aimed at treating spasticity and pain in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients.

MedChew Rx®’s primary ingredients are cannabidiol (CBD) and the cannabinoid molecules delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are both known to degrade with time.  AXIM® Biotech intends to use its proprietary microencapsulation technology to stabilize the molecules during their formulation as well as during the test period.

Apart from being stable, the product has also shown positive results after going through a dissolution test. The product has shown 90% availability of the APIs. For now, the company y will try to make the best of the available data as it advances with its clinical studies in the MedChew Rx® pharmaceutical development program.

Results From The Stability And Dissolution Tests

In a recent statement, the company announced that it had recorded positive results from the stability and dissolution tests that were done on its primary pharmaceutical candidate, MedChew Rx®. According to the results, the MedChew Rx™’s primary Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) remained active throughout the entire test. The report further says that the availability of the APIs in the product was more than 90%.

AXIM® Biotech Chief Executive Officer George E. Anastassov said the data obtained from the studies will be very important in manufacturing and submission of applications for regulatory approvals.


Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ETST), GW Pharma (NASDAQ:GWPH), and Axim Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AXIM) Provide Opportunities in the Cannabis Market for All Investors

With pro-cannabis legislation gaining steam across the United States, investors across the globe have been seeking opportunities to put their hands in the figurative cannabis cookie jar. More than half of the states have legalized medical marijuana, and an increasing number of states have already legalized recreational-use marijuana. There is no single investment that is perfect for all investors, but the cannabis industry has a wide variety of investment opportunities in this day and age, and that means there’s an investment opportunity for nearly every type of investor.

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ETST) is trading at $0.3909 per share, and with just over 4 million shares in its float, the stock can move very quickly and provide investors with high volatility under the right conditions. The company specializes in producing different flavors of its high grade hemp CBD oil, which can be used to treat anything from skin conditions and pain to neurological and psychological symptoms. Perhaps the company’s largest focus as of late has been treating 9/11 first responders and military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The company has taken a firm hold on the medical side of the marijuana market, and they have been acquiring other biotech companies in hopes to extend their distribution network and product development capacity.

For more traditional blue chip investors, GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GWPH) has been an interesting company to invest in. The company is widely known for achieving the first mass-market/government approval for a cannabinoid prescription medicine, and as such, they have quickly grown to be among the largest cannabis-based companies in the world. The company is based in the UK, and as such, it is only tradeable on the Nasdaq via an ADR. The GWPH ADR is currently trading at $117.08 per share, and has seen higher than average volatility as American markets open up more to them and the industry as a whole is seeing much better consumer sentiment. The company has taken a focus in treating epilepsy, multiple sclerosis spasticity, and rare diseases with its flagship products: Epidiolex® and Sativex®.

For investors seeking an in-between company, Axim Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AXIM) has been quite appealing. Trading at $8.99 per share, the company has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of months, when shares were trading as low as $0.25 per share. Investor excitement picked up surrounding AXIM after a series of news releases that the company had begun PK/PD studies on its CanChew Plus CBD gum, which aims to reduce suffering in IBS patients. The company has received a great deal of attention and positive news for its CanChew Plus CBD gum, including being granted a U.S. Patent and approval from a medical ethical committee to begin trials. The company is also actively seeking out more patents for IP such as its proprietary method to extract high-purity THC.

The potential in the cannabis market is exceptional right now, and companies in the industry are seeing a great deal of investor activity. Forbes recently stated that the CBD market could grow over 700% by 2020, and those are no numbers to scoff at. These three companies are positioning themselves to profit from the powerful wave of CBD acceptance and market growth. Keep an eye on ETST, GWPH, and AXIM in 2017.


Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM), One Of 2016’s Best Stocks

Recently, Axim Biotechnologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AXIM) has been named as one of the five best stocks in the biotechnology industry this year, along with CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CLCD), Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CRBP), Exelixis, Inc. (NASDAQ:EXEL), and Tesaro Inc (NASDAQ:TSRO).

Success of Axim Biotechnologies

Year-to-date (YTD), Axim Biotechnologies has already surged over 2,000%. Because of this, investors have a high confidence in the company’s further success.

Axim Biotechnologies has a compelling lineup of new products to launch next year, which will play important role in its continuous growth. These products include the CanChew chewing gum and the CannQuit smoking cessation chewing gum.

As part of its efforts to strengthen its product portfolio, the company also hopes to advance its clinical development programs, developing its cannabis-based chewing gum for several more indications. CanChew is a potential treatment option for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients suffering from chronic pain and spasticity. However, with only six employees in its arm, carrying out these prospects will become extremely challenging.

CanChew Donation

A few weeks ago, Axim Biotechnologies has donated more than 3,000 units of CanChew to the US Pain Foundation, seeking to help a lot of chronic pain patients.

It is important to note that the company does not primarily and technically promote CanChew as a treatment for any particular condition. Nonetheless, cannabidiol (CBD), one of its main substance formulations, has long been proven to be an effective treatment for chronic pain.

“Like the U.S. Pain Foundation, AXIM also believes in making an impact on individuals’ well-being, which we do through products that treat conditions for which there is currently no effective remedy,” elaborated George Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA, Axim Biotechnologies CEO.

Collaborating with and supporting non-profit organizations such as the US Pain Foundation is one of the best ways companies in the cannabis industry can execute their respective growth strategies. More importantly, it does not just lift their own positions in the growing industry but also supports industry-wide efforts.

One of these companies include New Age Farm Inc COM NPV (OTCMKTS:NWGFF), which has purchased earlier this week a new 21,000-square-foot greenhouse facility for its newly established production plant in Washington.

On Thursday, Axim Biotechnologies has closed at $9; CoLucid Pharmaceuticals has closed at $36.20; Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings has closed at $7.30; Exelixis has closed at $16.52; and Tesaro has closed at $130.76; and New Age Farm has closed at $0.11.

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