Cannabis Science Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Completes Testing And Validation Of Proprietary Vacuum Distillation Process

Cannabis Science Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has announced that Cannabis Science Europe GmbH, its wholly-owned subsidiary, has managed to successful complete the testing as well as validations of its short-time vacuum distillation process. The distillation is for enhancement of CBD extracts containing high Cannabidiolic Acid levels that is subsequently converted into CBD powder and water purified soluble CBDA.

Cannabis Science’s proprietary distillation process

In the process of completing the testing the company has managed to quickly and affordably expand its present production capacity to more than 1,000 kilograms of CBD extract and purified CBDA per month. Cannabis Science is expecting to expand its production ability so as to meet its clinical, wholesale and private label customer needs.

The proprietary short-time vacuum distillation process that the company is using determines the appropriate temperature, pressure and the accurate time to minimise loss of CBDA as well as the other essential cannabinoid acids. In the testing of the process the company used CBD extract that contained less than 0.2% THC levels and 7.3% CBD and in the first step of purification cannabis Science managed to produce Purified extract containing 0.6% THC and 26% CBD. From the purified extract the company managed to produce CBD powder that contains 3.5% CBD, 3.5% CBDA and THC levels below 0.02%.

Bypassing oxidation process produces quality CBDA and CBD extract

Usually cannabinoids will become unstable during the oxidation process when mixed with water but with the proprietary distillation process the company will manage to bypass the oxidation process. As a result they will provide an effective product that keeps the nutritional CBD and CBDA levels for over a long time compared to the water-diluted CBD products.

CEO and Co-founder of Cannabis Science Raymond Dabney stated that the company is preparing itself for its Global Development Initiatives. He added the distillation process is another significant milestone for the company as it aggressively reaches into the global market with cost effective purified water soluble CBDA powders ad CBD extracts. Dabney said that the company plans to increase its supplies for clinical research develop the company as well as produce private label products for clients.


Cannabis Science Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIS) To Enhance Information Sharing On All Company Initiatives And Interaction With The Public Through

Cannabis Science Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has announced that their RCD will begin to use platform for information sharing as well as interaction with the general public on the company’s on-going projects, partnership programs, drug development initiatives, university scholarship programs, CBIS consortium as well as all their other RCD initiatives.

iCannabinoid prompted by shareholder response

Following the extension of the registration date for the Personal Shareholder Loyalty Gift through to the end of January, the company received an overwhelming response. During the period the company has indicated that they received everything and compiling and tracking of information until they responded improved.

Because of the large number of questions and registrations that the company received on the matter and other inquiries the company has considered having an interactive online platform and instead of choosing the mainstream interaction sites they chose platform that launched recently.

Cannabis Science CEO and Co-founder, Raymond Dabney, stated that they are seeing people starting to get it of what the company stands for and the numerous positive changes that they have made on the University economic drug development programs. He said that new partnerships have extraordinarily risen as well as investment inquiries. The CEO added that the company’s growth potential is fantastic and they are looking to create jobs in almost every industry across the board.

iCannabinoid enhancing interaction

According to the company they expect the platform to help in bringing it all together as well as streamline the communications with doctors, patients, journalists, government, growers as well as private sector and any interested party. The company has directed that all loyalty gift questions, as well as company activities and initiatives, should be relayed through the iCannabinoid platform.

The CEO indicated that the platform is the perfect avenue of bringing it all together to have enhanced interactive communication and it will enable the company to engage the community actively on a range of issues that are relevant in the industry. For Shareholder Loyalty Gifts application the company will process applications and reconcile with previous requests, and they will invite gift recipients to the Cannabis Science Black-tie Awards Gala.


Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Is Ready To Proceed To The Next Level

The past year has been quite trying for Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) in terms of business operations which has adversely impacted on its financial results. During that period, the company experienced operations disruptions occasioned by the seizure of the 26.19-acre plot of land by Federal Authorities. The land contained industrial hemp that was being grown for production and sale to the market.

However, in a July press release, the company announced the signing of another “substantial” land deal for 100 acres in Minden, Nevada. According to the company, the new acquisition falls directly in line with the rest of the certified industrial hemp research and development projects across North America.

 Industrial Hemp Research & Economic Development Plan

Per the release, the company will continue to work in league with its multiple worldwide partners through the CBIS Consortium to focus on the major ailments inflicting humanity. The report reveals that the research data collected will primarily be used by FDA and other clinical studies.

The release lays bare the fact that the research initiative is also geared at providing hands-on University professional training in agricultural industrial hemp research and development. The report also mentioned that the research is aimed at creating jobs through the participating Universities, a move which will positively impact the economy of the region.

A raft of measures aimed at restructuring

Another press release, August 13, notes that the objectives aforementioned cannot be achieved without a number of measures that the company is putting in place. The release details that the company is in the final process of releasing its new corporate website as well as introducing a freshly constituted management.

As per the release, the new measures will be crucial in the company’s efforts to conduct key acquisitions, multiple dispensary openings, the new important research opportunities aforementioned, new partnerships, operation expansions and also in implementing the updated financial reporting requirements.

The release also details that due to a number of staff that exited in the past year, the company intends to onboard new people who will come in to help steer the company’s strategy.


Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Ventures Into Multi-Billion USD Beverage Market

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that company has entered into the multi-billion USD beverage market as it associates with Crown Baus Capital to supply non-alcohol versions of latter’s newly bought “Cannabia(R)”.

The buzz

Raymond C. Dabney, the Co-Founder, CEO and President of Cannabis Science, expressed that with company stepping in to help grow the Brand expansions, the deal of Cannabia(R) is strategically vital to the growth plan of Crown Baus, Cannabis Science and their associates. With more deals planned they will complement their operational growth and enhance profitability so savings can be moved on to their general-public customers and self-medicating patients.

Sales of Cannabia® have been increasing 15% to 25% per year; it is anticipated to see beverage sales to grow considerably as Cannabis Science is set to launch Cannabia(R) products into the Canadian and United States markets to begin. California alone is the sixth-largest economy across the world with a GDP of as much as $2.5 trillion. This instantly exhibits an extremely lucrative market opportunity for both of their firms with Cannabis Science set to release existing and new Cannabia(R) product brands with television media campaigns in the U.S. and Canada.

As per the update, Cannabia’s(R) first hemp drink, a cannabis beer, was introduced in March 1996 when Germany formally authorized the hemp cultivation, the so-named “fiber hemp”. A secret, hand-chosen combination of organic barley malt, hemp and hops provide Cannabia(R) its unmistakable hemp aroma and rich taste.

Cannabia(R) is currently supplied in numerous European Union nations, as well as in several vital markets, including Japan, Switzerland, India and South Korea. Distribution of Cannabia(R) is anticipated to expand fast to new markets with new supplier inquires. Cannabis Science reported that Cannabia(R) is prepared in Germany partly as a traditional organic “Pils” and in next step, a secret select organic hemp.


Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Set For the Grand Launch Of Its Two Pre ICO Pharmacies In High Traffic Areas

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that the firm is preparing for the grand launch of its preliminary two Pre ICO Pharmacies in California. As per the update, these pharmacies will be run through the application of a Pharmacy Automation and Inventory Tracking Mechanism.

The buzz

Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO and Co-founder of Cannabis Science, expressed that the company’s Pharmacies are in major, high traffic places on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles as well as on Ventura Boulevard located in the San Fernando Valley. The firm has also been given with a prospect to buy a potentially 60,000 square feet building in Los Angeles.

This is where the firm can establish its initial Cannabis Science Medical Center, counting full laboratory facilities, doctor and nurse clinics and patient intake. They will look at the prospective use of the firm’s US Federal Government Cage Code Clearance to offer Federal Government in the U.S. with permitted Emergency Medical Services.

The CEO of Cannabis Science expressed that it is possible they will include their sister firm, Crown Baus Capital Corp (OTCMKTS:CBCA) in this deal. Additional area will be leased to physician groups as well as other medical cannabinoid linked well-being providers and health services.

Dabney expressed that he is particularly thrilled about the planned Cannabis Science Medical Center, which was always one of their main objectives. This center will serve as a hub for their activities. Physicians can then consult directly with patients and the firm can coordinate and expand its international reach and research and development on cannabinoid-based medications linked to development initiatives via the CBIS Global Research Consortium.

Cannabis Science pharmacies are intended to be advanced facilities and they will be remarkable. They will showcase the entire product line, and additional offerings from select vendors that fulfill the high standards that they have established for their CBIS-branded products.


Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Buys Second PRE ICO Dispensary

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that its expansion plans for company’s medical marijuana dispensaries are on track. The firm has recently finalized deals to buy and officially launch the first two company PRE ICO Medical Marijuana dispensaries in the greater San Fernando Valley and in Los Angeles. Both dispensaries are planned to start at the end of this year to fulfill the anticipated demand in the Los Angeles area from the much sought California recreational market influx in the coming month.

The details

Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO, Co-Founder and President of Cannabis Science, reported that starting the first two PRE ICO Dispensaries by the close of this year is a remarkable step for company and accelerates their aggressive expansion strategies in the Los Angeles area, expanding to California, and eventually countrywide.

They project to start numerous compliant PRE ICO dispensary sites throughout California via several means. Their timing couldn’t be better as Los Angeles just approved its recreational marijuana use guidelines for the starting of January 2018. They are strategically positioned to fulfill the demands of new clients in the recreational and medical cannabis markets with a substantial supply of their CBIS offerings addressing the around 700 medical applications of cannabis.

With New Year right around the corner, Cannabis Science has opted to focus on starting these two sites by the close of this year. Dabney added that the opportunity came late last quarter and they ensured they were there to answer. The company first wants to open the two locations and then plan for the Gala event for celebration of achievements.

The opening and acquisition of these Medical Marijuana dispensaries is a remarkable step in Cannabis Science 2017 development plan and is anticipated to help the firm achieve revenue-positive status in imminent year. Cannabis Science plans to enhance and enlarge certain dispensaries, and each site will be converted into the company brand.

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